Farrah Abraham featured in ManyVids magazine ‘Runaway Rebels’ cover story

ManyVids MV magagize cover with Farrah Abraham

Tonight is the night that MTV will FINALLY air the scene in which Farrah Abraham is fired from Teen Mom OG by show executive producer Morgan J. Freeman, in part because of Farrah’s involvement in the adult industry. So, the timing couldn’t be better for the release of ManyVids’ new issue of MV Mag featuring Farrah Abraham in a cover story. Farrah’s feature includes an interview in which she shares her thoughts on how our culture deals with sex positivity and the adult industry.

Farrah and ManyVids first partnered soon after it was announced that Farrah’s MTV departure was linked to her involvement in the adult industry. Farrah was officially named an MV Ambassador for Sexual Positivity in November; in her acceptance announcement, she revealed: “I want to use my celebrity to further the cause of sexual positivity and not stand back and watch others be discriminated against and mistreated in this way.”

Fast forward a few months and Farrah has now landed on the cover of the 13th issue of ManyVids’ MV Mag in an issue titled Runaway Rebels. “The road to revolution is a long one,” reads the issue’s introduction. “It takes more than wishful thinking to make enough of an impact to change things for the better. To be a true innovator you need to have guts, confidence and a little wildness to stand up against the status quo.”

The intro continues:

Our MV Cover Girls Farrah Abraham, Kayla Kayden and Jaclyn Taylor perfectly embody this sense of rebellion. They are unapologetic in their ferocity. They are the rare sort of people who know exactly who they are and who aren’t afraid to use their strength to shape the world around them. Because they believe in the power and positivity of sex, they are the perfect collaborators to help ManyVids create a future where society respects and values adult entertainers.

The issue features a photo shoot with Farrah, as well as a Q&A session in which the Teen Momtrepreneur seems to have taken a little more care than usual to answer some pretty big questions about the perception of women in the sex industry, and how our culture deals with sexuality in general. Here are a few excerpts:

What motivated you to enter the adult industry?

We live in a society that shames women for being sexually liberated. Human sexuality is a natural phenomenon that we see everywhere, from sites on the internet to a group of individuals attending a gentlemen’s club. It could be as simple as friends discussing sex. The way most people choose to experience and express the topic is their choice.

I have to emphasize that I didn’t intentionally decide to work in the adult industry. At that time, I was a young experimental 21 year old woman who happened to be a celebrity that tried to balance life, fame and dating while forging new friendships. The backlash I received for my sex tape was genuinely hurtful: I felt misunderstood for expressing my sensuality. Although it took me a few years to reconcile those feelings through therapy, along with my faith in God, I was able to overcome being sex shamed to find my real purpose. I am grateful for this experience because it made me into an empowered woman who proudly wants to help end the stigma around sex.

Farrah Abraham serial entrepreneur quote from ManyVids MV Mag interview and cover story

What does sex positivity mean for you?

For me, it means embracing your sexuality and personal freedom. It’s important to promote safe and consensual sex and use my celebrity status to spread this vital message. I want to be able to spread this message to my daughter.

What’s next in your career journey?

At 26 years old, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already and I hope to continue to develop new products, from my furniture, toys, and clothing line to providing entrepreneurs with educational resources. The sky’s the limit. I would also love to open a new frozen yogurt location! I’m interested in acting and portraying roles that will empower women everywhere. In the end, I want to continue to be me. Farrah Abraham: serial entrepreneur.

To see more of Farrah (and A LOT more of her cover co-stars Jaclyn Taylor and Kayla Kayden), be sure to pick up a virtual copy of MV Mag by CLICKING HERE and selecting what should be the top search result. (The issues feature NSFW photos, which our advertisers do not allow direct links to. Perhaps this is an issue for ManyVids to tackle?)

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