Teen Mom Farrah Abraham getting master’s degree, to offer scholarships to teen parents

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

It’s our weekly “What’s Farrah Abraham up to now?” post! The last time we checked in with MTV’s resident Teen Momtrepreneur she had just revealed the labels for her new “Mom & Me” brand Italian hot sauce. This week she sat down with ACT.MTV.com for an interview in which she revealed her college plans won’t be stopping at a bachelor’s degree and she hopes to help out other teen parents in similar situations by setting up scholarships!

From the interview:

Act: How’s school going for you?

Farrah: School started off hard–when Sophia was younger and I was trying to accomplish my Associate degree. College has become easier since I got my first degree, and I’m now wanting to finish school with a Master’s degree. So school is going great and I’m happy I’m continuing with my education.

Act: Why was it important for you to pursue a college degree?

Farrah: It’s important for me to not just achieve a college degree but to achieve the highest college degree possible. I know in my future, I never want to be stuck in the position of not being able to provide for my family, and more and more businesses and jobs are requiring more than just an Associate degree.

But getting her master’s degree isn’t the only project involving higher education on Farrah’s agenda! She made this announcement on Twitter back in December:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to offer scholarships to teen parents

Farrah was asked about her inspiration for wanting to offer scholarships, to which she replied, “My true inspiration came from seeing other parents who didn’t have enough money put away for their children’s college education. For Sophia, I have already set aside money just for college. So, I figured Sophia and I should start giving a couple scholarships to parents who are trying to get a college degree. Many people quit going to college because they can’t afford it which leads to them to not achieving a degree and not earning enough money to support their family. I want to help break the cycle of this happening.”

Act: When and where can teens find more information about your scholarship?

Farrah: Right now I’m looking into partnering with select schools, with my focus on schools that accommodate parents more so than others. I’m doing the research, and choosing select colleges and universities. It’s one of my 2012 resolutions. Hopefully others who are financially stable will also adopt a student or give scholarships!

Farrah also talked about her controversial decision to move herself and her daughter Sophia to Florida, saying “It was my time to move on, grow and make our own life.” She then added, “There are some challenges to really being on my own, and a single parent, but I have made it as easy for Sophia as I possibly can. It’s hard though when we want to see family and we can’t just drive to see them anymore.”

Once again – congrats to Farrah! We can’t wait to see what she’s up to next week! (She’s got to record a song sooner or later, right?)

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