Who is Catelynn Lowell’s dad David Lowell?

Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell is pretty close to her biological father David Lowell (he split from mom April when Catelynn was a one-year-old,) but last season we saw her see him for the first time in four years. It was a breath of fresh air for Catelynn and Tyler, but why don’t they see each other very often?

David is actually now moving to Michigan to be closer to Catelynn and Tyler, but for the past several years he’s been unable to make many visits because he’s been living in Florida taking care of Catelynn’s 15-year-old paralyzed half-brother River!

He also worked as a landscaper in FL, so all of his time and finances were caught up in providing for and caring for River, who is wheelchair bound. Distance didn’t keep Catelynn and David apart, however. They spoke often over the phone during her pregnancy, and David helped Catelynn and Tyler make the difficult decision to make an adoption plan for their daughter Carly. Catelynn’s mom April had Catelynn as a teen, (not sure how old David was) so he understood what a difficult decision it was for Catelynn, and supports them no matter what.

According to Catelynn’s FB fanpage, they don’t have to be physically apart any longer! David is actually moving to MI today (Teen Mom Season 4 premiere day!) Guess they’re gonna pause in between moving to watch the show.

David is also now an admin on Catelynn’s fanpage, and recently made an impassioned statment about those who criticize his girl Cate and the other Teen Moms online:

I have heard that some people on Titter and the computer slam the girls of teen mom.I’m going to be with Cateynn and Ty soon,and if anyone trys to hurt my kids,I will catch a bullet for them, and return fire!Over my dead body,will anyone hurt them.I ill go the my Grave for my loved ones.So watch out,cuz Daddy’s coming back to town! – Catelynn’s dad, David

You can also follow David on his personal Facebook fanpage here. He’s giving updates on the move, and also recently posted about teaching River to driv!

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