Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind is back in jail for a 3-week sentence

Adam Lind jail

Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind is at his home away from home, the Minnehaha County Corrections Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

According to online county records, the father-of-two was admitted on Sunday, Sept. 14. He is scheduled to serve three weeks for his third DUI and driving with a revoked license.

This term is Adam’s second in less than one month: He served a 10-day sentence that ended on Aug. 20 for what was apparently another “driving with a revoked license” charge. (His lengthy list of offenses is seriously difficult to keep straight. This one we compiled last September is now extremely outdated.)

What’s more, Adam’s slate won’t even be clean once he finishes this jail stint: Misdemeanor charges relating to his fiery wreck with another car are still pending.

Meanwhile, ex Chelsea Houska has vowed to remove Adam’s visitation rights because she believe he still drives with daughter Aubree in the car.

“It’s a strict rule that he can’t drive with her,” Chelsea said in July. “But Aubree will come home and say, ‘Daddy was driving with me.’ It makes me so mad. He doesn’t deserve visitation with our daughter if he keeps breaking the rules.”

Teen Mom 2 — featuring Adam and Chelsea’s struggles with co-parenting — airs on MTV on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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