Susan Boyle: Before and After Makeover – with new Harper’s Bizaar pictures


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Susan Boyle burst on the scene in a flash so quick it almost did her in: she had to be hospitalized for exhaustion and canceled performances left and right after she lost the Britain’s Got Talent top prize to the dance group Diversity. Critics said that she wasn’t cut out for fame, but realistically that kind of instant success and then disappointment would be enough to make anyone dizzy, especially after 48 years of near-isolation with her mother and her cats.

I know if I were in Susan Boyle’s position, I would have been a million more kinds of crazy than she was. I’d be free-basing drain cleaner, painting hotel rooms with the blood of chipmunks, and moving out to St. Lucia to enjoy a relaxing bout of alcoholism with my favorite cracoon.

Instead succumbing to the demons of delirium, Susan is recovering from her fast fame and looks amazing in her Harper’s Bazaar shoot. Before her makeover Susan wore dowdy, ill-fitting frocks with her frizzy graying hair. She’s now sporting a classier, more up-dated look, but Susan says she’s not flirting too heavy with the villians of vanity either, her makeover is all just old fashioned hair and makeup magic combined with fancy rags.

Before the Harper’s makeover Susan she has no plans for more drastic beauty measures like botox (or the knife, presumably), saying “I’m content with the way I look. What’s wrong with looking like Susan Boyle?”

What did Sharon Osbourne have to say about Susan Boyle?

Nothin, Susan, you’re stunning just the way you are.

Here’s the video of Susan’s Harper’s makeover:

In the Harper’s article, she talks about her lonely childhood, her cat, and how her overnight YouTube fame was like a “demolition ball.”  Check out the rest of interview here.

Check out Susan’s new look in the photo gallery below.

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