Why is Prada selling a ‘paperclip’ for $185?


Prada’s high-end pricing just garnered a lot of attention by slapping a $185 tag on a paperclip. The item is made in sterling silver, stamped with the Prada logo, and imported from Italy, which still aren’t convincing selling points for most.

Social media is blowing up over the absurdity of a name brand mundane office product. To Pradas’ defense, the paper this tool is suppose to clip is money, not the random scraps of paper you have lying around. It’s probably supposed to be a minimalist ironic statement for your wad of crisp Benjamins, but the clip itself costs more than most people keep in their wallets.

The clip can be found at Barneys New York, which also sells a store-brand knock-off version for only $150. Spot the differences:

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 9.42.04 PM

Amazon is selling a similar product for only $0.09 ($5 with shipping).

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