LeeAnne Locken police report from kitchen knife attack incident

LeeAnne Locken knife attack police report no arrest

The Real Housewives of Dallas returned this week, and one of the more shocking moments in the Season 2 premiere came when Cary Deuber revealed that LeeAnne Locken’s “friend” Marie Reyes had posted a police report from an incident in which LeeAnne reportedly tried to kill her boyfriend with a kitchen knife…and sandpaper?!

The receipts flashed quickly on screen after Stephanie Hollman pulled it up on her phone and read from it. We tracked down the actual police report, and the narrative of LeeAnne’s alleged attack reads like a gripping scene from Fatal Attraction! (Well, except for the sandpaper part.)

The incident is from 2008 and involves a man named Hubert Sebac (listed as the complainant and “comp” in the report) and LeeAnne (described as the suspect).

In brief, LeeAnne allegedly freaked out after a night at the club with friends because she thought Hubert was “hitting on the friend’s girlfriend.” According to Hubert, LeeAnne then grabbed a kitchen knife and chased him into a bedroom. While Hubert was on the phone with police, LeeAnne stabbed the door repeatedly. She eventually stopped and began sanding the door (???) for a bit…before all went quiet.

[Cue: suspenseful music]

Hubert decided to open the door to check to see if LeeAnne has left, and there was no sign of her. UNTIL she “quickly emerged from around the corner and hit the comp in the right side wide of his face near his right eye causing pain and injury (scrape and redness)”! Plus, she for some reason still had the sandpaper in her hand!

Hubert managed to make it back to the bedroom and lock himself in again. LeeAnne decided she was done, so she allegedly grabbed Hubert’s ID, keys, and attache case and proceeded to puncture one of his tires–presumably with the same kitchen knife–before leaving the scene.

Here is the full police report followed by a complete transcript of the police officer’s narrative of what happened:

LeeAnne Locken police report kitchen knife attack part 1 no arrest

Real Housewives of Dallas LeeAnne Locken police report kitchen knife attack part 2 no arrest

Complainant stated that the suspect became upset and began swinging a large kitchen knife at him forcing the comp to lock himself in a bedroom to avoid being cut. The suspect also hit the comp in the face near the right eye with sandpaper in her hand causing pain and injury to the comp’s face.

The comp stated that he and the suspect were at a club earlier in the night with some friends of theirs. The suspect became upset and accused the comp of “hitting on the friend’s girlfriend.” The comp and suspect returned home and began arguing. The suspect grabbed a large kitchen knife and began to chase the comp whilst swinging it in a cutting fashion. The comp ran into a bedroom near the front of the residence and locked himself inside to avoid being cut. The comp called the police. The suspect was stabbing the knife into the bedroom door. The comp held the phone up to the door for the PTO to hear. The suspect then left the doorway and returned with sandpaper. The suspect began sanding the knife puncture marks in the door with the sandpaper. The comp stated that the noise she was making stopped for a while and he opened the door to see if the suspect had left. The suspect quickly emerged from around the corner and hit the comp in the right side wide of his face near his right eye causing pain and injury (scrape and redness). The comp quickly ran back to the bedroom and locked the door. The suspect left the location in the listed vehicle, but not before puncturing a tire on the comp’s vehicle and taking his personal identification, keys, and attache case. Suspect not at location upon responding officer’s arrival. The comp completed a family violence packet. Photos were taken of the scene and the comp by PO 8107.

I should point out that there is no record of LeeAnne ever being arrested or charged stemming from the alleged incident. It states on the report that the officer is recommending that the offense be suspended and that Hubert was planning to sign a non-prosecution affidavit regarding the matter.

LeeAnne took to her Bravo blog to respond to the kitchen knife rampage allegations after the episode aired:

Let’s take it back to where we left off. After the reunion, I knew that Marie Reyes wasn’t done with her unbridled and irrational compulsion to destroy me and my reputation. Mostly, it’s just very sad that she can’t seem to let go of her petty vendetta, which is why I wasn’t surprised at all when she released something negative about me again…none of which is true.

LeeAnne went on to call out Stephanie Hollman for reading the police report and for other petty things, like calling Brandi Redmond a “mean girl,” before singing the praises of Cary Deuber: “Thoughtfully, Cary did reach out to me the night that Marie released her blog, and I was able to explain to Cary that this was never an actual case and that the situation never even took place.”

Ah, but the Cary love didn’t last long:

Over all, I’m finding that both Cary and Stephanie, while being polite to my face, are being very nasty behind the scenes. For Cary to explain how much she was hurt and then do nothing while Stephanie read the blog, has made me question if either her pain was real or if she’s just interested in seeing me in pain?

LeeAnne didn’t offer up any other explanation for the incident described in the police report. I’m guessing the 911 call is out there, right? And it states in the police report that photos were taken of Hubert’s injuries. It looks like Marie has her work cut out for her!

Meanwhile, despite denying the events described in the police report, LeeAnne did acknowledge she has an anger management problem, and admits she has been getting help:

Through all of this, I was tested and provoked, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I can and cannot handle. I learned all of this through my anger management therapy and introspection, which I decided to share with the public because I wanted everyone to see my journey – possibly one that others out there could relate to. I wanted an opportunity to show my vulnerability and openness with the entire situation since I’ve never really been good at that. I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately. After all, change has to happen in order to grow, and that’s what I’m working on.

Put simply, at the end of last season, I was miserable. I knew my life had to change, and I knew the only way that I could start was by going to therapy and taking steps in the right direction. I truly hope that taking this journey in front of everyone will benefit others who might be in a similar situation. I’m loving what I am discovering about myself, and I’m also loving gaining control of my emotions and, in turn, my life. You don’t have to tweet me and tell me you think I’m a hot mess; I KNOW. My hope is to continue my work on myself while continuing to own my mistakes and try to move forward.

I think we found LeeAnne Locken’s next tagline!

LeeAnne Locken new tagline hot mess

You can see LeeAnne attempting to transform a hot mess into a warm one (and potentially even no mess at all) by tuning in to new episodes of The Real Housewives of Dallas Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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