Asian woman beating baby in viral Youtube video arrested a year ago, currently in prison

Malaysian woman beats child in viral Youtube video

A brutal and horrific video featuring a young Asian woman beating and torturing an infant child laying on a bed went viral on Facebook and Twitter Wednesday evening as a swell of outraged viewers demanded that the identity of the woman in the clip be revealed and she be punished for her heinous crimes. As it turns out, the video is close to a year old and the woman in the clip is currently behind bars after being arrested in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia last May.

“The case was reported in IPD Petaling Jaya on May 29 last year and arrests were made on the same day,” according to a statement posted on the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) Facebook page after they received more than 300 complaints. “The perpetrator is the biological mother of the abused baby girl,” the statement adds.

The woman is currently serving a sentence of 18 months (should be 18 years at least in my opinion) under section 31 (1) Children Act 2001 which covers ill-treatment, neglect, and exposure of children to harm.

Get the latest including why the person who filmed the atrocities did what she did, when the mother might expect to be able to regain custody of her child and most importantly the status of the baby here.

In the video, which you can watch on Youtube (WARNING – VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT), features a young woman sitting on a bed beating on a crying child with a pillow. That escalates to bare hand slapping, then pinching and twisting of the child’s arms and legs, and much more. All of this happens as the camera person watches, recording the entire time. Also, a young boy and a young girl can be seen beside the bed watching as well.

The video was posted with the title “SICK MOTHER BEATING UP 8 MONTH OLD BABY! (share to raise awareness),” which it has appeared to have done. There is now an online petition you can sign to express a wish that the woman in the video receive more prison time.