Snooki’s throwback high school prom photo, senior art portfolio and more

Nicole Polizzi Snooki high school prom photo from her junior year

“Throwback Thursday” has become quite the phenomenon among celebrities, and few have as much fun with it as Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who seemingly has an unending supply of wonderfully adorable and sometimes downright hilarious photos from her younger days — from childhood all the way up until her time on MTV. This week’s throwback gem is her high school prom photo from her junior year featuring lil Snooki rocking a sleeveless blue dress that was “so from JC Penny!”

With her throwback pics the self-deprecating Snooki always adds a bit of reflective and entertaining commentary, this time writing, “Here I am at my Junior prom! I went with one of my best guy friends! Best Prom Ever! My dress was so from JC Penny! No Shame. Such a bargain shopper.”

And for another glimpse at young Snooki’s fashion sense, and her modern-day photo commentary skills, check out this picture of “SO HOT” Snooks in middle school followed by her caption:

Snooki throwback photo from middle school

“Hello awkward Middle School years! I swear, at the time I thought I was SO HOT, especially in this outfit. This was before a school dance, rocking some cute platform heels, a cute dress, a half up half down hair do, and my sexy braces. Work it teenage Nicole!”

One of my favorites of Snooki’s throwback photos is another one from high school, this one featuring Snooki as a senior showing off her art skillz at a gallery!

Snooki's drawings and artowrk from high school


“So you might have never guessed this, but in high school I was into art A LOT and took a portfolio class. At the end of the semester, I had to show my work in an art gallery! Here is the picture of me senior year at my local art show. The main concept of my portfolio was animals (exactly why I went to school to become a vet tech.)”

But, you just can’t go wrong with an adorable childhood photo of Snooki “getting wild in the kiddie pool!”

Nicole Polizzi Snooki throwback childhood photo

“My early Jersey Shore days, getting wild in the kiddie pool! Nicole gone wild!”

Want to see more of Snooki’s wonderful throwback photos? Hop on over to her website and tune in every Thursday!

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