Jersey Shore Season 1 DVD sold exclusively on Amazon


If you’re like the staff at, you miss the Jersey Shore already. It’s only been gone from MTV for a few weeks, and the stars are popping up everywhere in real life like the Grammys, giving brides away at weddings, and of course, countless clubs around the nation, but nothing can replace watching the Jersery Shore kids back before they knew for sure they’d be big. They were so young and innocent then. Thankfully, Amazon is exclusively releasing Season 1 of Jersey Shore February 23, and you can pre-order now.

Next season of Jersey Shore will be in South Beach (I know, I know) and that’s not the only thing that will be different. The Situation, Snooki, J-Woww and the rest were just worried about doing their hair and spraying on bronzer to try to attract the juiceheads and guidettes, not to look slammin’ for the paparazzi or for their interview with Leno. Their egos were only backed up by their mother’s love and that a crazy voice in their heads, not the positive affirmation of millions of viewers and deals and dollars. They’re in show business now, baby, and we’ll never get to view them in their natural habitat, untarnished by the trapping of fame and glitz.

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