Slednecks’ Tosca Yeager throwback photos as high school cheerleader and soccer player

Slednecks Tosca Yeager Wasilla High School cheerleader photo

Before she was the titilating tattooed tomboy on MTV’s Slednecks, Tosca Yeager was a virgin-skinned extra-curricularly-active Wasilla High School student. Tosca shared the Yay-Yay-Yeager cheerleader photo above on instagram and wrote, “High school throwback thursday, holy sh!t…” along with this series of hashtags: #tbt #highschool #16 #longhair #cheerleader #yikes #outcast #wasilla #alaska #fancy #yeager

Tosca’s sister Kyra was quick to point out in the comments section, “The cheerleader and the prom queen! 🙂 love yew.” Tosca humbly responded with, “haha yes yes and prom queen. Damn i was on a roll.” Kyra then called Tosca out on her rather less than #outcast status back in the day: “Do i see an outcast hashtag!? GET OUT OF HERE WIF DAT.”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a photo of Tosca as Wasilla High School prom queen, but we do have a couple more throwback pics of her, including this one in which she is showing off some mad ball skills on the soccer field:

And although it is certainly no prom queen photo, we do have Tosca showing off her high school portrait cute side from her MySpace page!

Slednecks Tosca Yeager throwback MySpace photo before the tattoos

If you prefer modern-day Tosca, then be sure to check out our post showcasing her rather impressive collection of tattoos! Also, tune in to MTV Thursday nights at 10/9c to see her antics on new episodes of Slednecks!

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