Party Down South’s Hott Dogg Hannah Guidry throwback photos

Party Down South Hott Dogg Hannah Guidry

CMT’s Southern-fried mix of booze, beaus and boobs returns tonight as the liquor-lovin’ lads and lasses of Party Down South continue their hedonistic roadshow by traveling to Biloxi, Mississippi for Season 3. In the new season fans will be seeing the familiar faces (and other body parts) of returning cast members Mattie, Walt, Lyle, Daddy Lauren, Tiffany and Murray, but they will also get to meet show newbie Hannah “Hott Dogg” Guidry — Mattie’s gal pal bestie and fellow fun-lovin’ brunette hottie.

Party Down South Hannah Guidry hot dog costume

Here’s Hott Dogg Hannah’s bio from CMT:

Age: 27
Hometown: New Orleans, LA.
Hannah “Hott Dogg Hannah” Guidry is a Cajun hairstylist born on the Louisiana Bayou. This 27-year-old, who is good friends with Mattie, is newly single for the first time and ready to enjoy it. In addition to partying, she loves to go mudding, hunting and fishing. Hott Dogg considers her favorite foods to be turtle, crawfish, squirrel and deer. With a slight Southern accent that turns into a strong Southern accent after a few drinks, Hott Dogg is looking forward to joining the PARTY DOWN SOUTH family, and she knows she’ll get along great with Daddy because they share a mutual love of beer and funnels.

And here’s a Party Down South Season 3 preview clip in which you can see all the boys relishing that Hott Dogg! (See what I did there?)

“Hott Dogg is pretty much the new toy that all the boys are going to drool over,” Lauren says. “It’s pretty much a race to see who’s going to get in her pants first.”

Before that race begins (and ends), I thought I would share some of Hott Dogg Hannah’s throwback photos from “before the fame,” including some rather adorable childhood shots with her sister Natalie! (And also a video of Hannah’s first time… with a beer funnel.)

Party Down South Hott Dogg Hannah throwback photo

Party Down South Hannah Guidry throwback childhood photo

Party Down South Hannah throwback 1996

Party Down South Hannah Guidry sister Natalie throwback

My first funnel ever. #Destin04 #leppafest14 #funnelingmangorita #"mangoritamonday"

A video posted by hannah guidry (@hottdogghannah) on

Party Down South Hott Dogg throwback

Party Down South Hannah childhood photo

New episodes of Party Down South air Thursday nights at 9/8c on CMT.

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