Sister’s to-do list if something happens to brother is awesomely dark


I think Ethan better watch his back!

The above list was shared to Reddit yesterday and quickly shot up the site’s board as folks shook their head in astonishment, and made witty comments of course, at the diabolical plans of a younger sister as shared by her father.

The poster, lala989, uploaded the image of the list with the caption, “My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.”

What’s gonna keep me up tonight is that last one… “Hammer everything he loves.”

The post has garnered over 1,500 comments with dad having gone back to kind of explain a little and to assure everyone that his little princess was just kidding.

Here are a couple of lala989’s replies:

• To everyone replying to you: she is eight and was teasing him, they get along well.

Thanks for your concern they get in huge trouble for being disrespectful of each other. She wrote this right in front of me, and her reading level is sixth/seventh grade. So while you may not think an eight year old is capable of joking in this manner, she’s grown up with a lot of sarcasm and her brother thought the letter was hilarious. I probably don’t need to explain myself further like you said to a stranger but I assure you I am up in their business every day. I am aware of her real tricks to try to get her brother in trouble and she takes a different tack.

She writes stuff to amuse him, she’s eight but pretty capricious.

• Blackbear is indeed in poor shape he’s been sewn back together many times. It ain’t his fault he’s cheaply made. What my daughter doesn’t know is that Blackbear is holding Pinkpig hostage.

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