MUG SHOT Iowa man registers a 0.627 BAC

Justin A. Clack had a .627 BAC during a DUI arrest

Dead man driving!

24-year-old Justin A. Clack was pulled over in North Liberty, Iowa on suspicion of drunk driving back on July 29. Folks contacted authorities when they noticed that Clack was, “all over the road, hitting curbs and running up into one person’s yard.”

When the cops arrived Justin was just sitting there in his ride revving up the engine but not going anywhere. When they tried to ask him a few questions he was unable to respond in a clear fashion. Hell, it was like the dude had downed 35 shots in the last four hours or something. Actually after his blood alcohol level was tested that was exactly the equivalent of what our man had in his system!

At the scene he was given a breath test that registered a whopping .486 percent. That’s certainly enough to kill a man dead but hold your whiskey horses folks. When Clack had an official test conducted at the hospital he was transported to the result was mind-boggling.

Dude registered a 0.627 BAC. There’s a lot of factors to consider when achieving this measurement like tolerance, weight, etc., but in layman’s terms he probably should have died.

Michael Takacs, a man real smart about emergency medicine, told The Cedar Rapids Gazette:

“That’s astronomically high, and the highest I’ve ever heard of. For even the most seasoned alcoholic, 0.627 would be a lethal dose possibly.”

He added that to register that high a person would have to consume 35 shots, bottles of beer or glasses of wine in four hours.

According to Cracked, 0.914 is the world record for highest-ever recorded BAC that did not result in death. This was registered by a Bulgarian man who wandered into a hospital after being hit by a truck.

In all seriousness, I hope that Mr. Clack doesn’t suffer any lasting damage from his intake and that if he has a drinking problem that this acts as a big-time wake up call and he gets help.

Props to Gawker for the find.