VIDEO ‘The Incredible Adela Ru’ tries to extort her dad into buying My Little Pony

Incredible Adela Ru My Little Pony

When most toddlers are told they can’t get a certain toy, they break down into a fit. The Incredible Adela Ru is not like most toddlers… The curly-haired cutie remained composed while trying to guilt her dad into buying the My Little Pony she desired.

“If I don’t get any ponies or any horses I won’t be able to love you anymore. I’ll only be able to love my mom,” the little girl said in the YouTube video, which has quickly gone viral.

The remarkably calm incident began when Adela and her dad went to select a friend’s birthday present. Adela, who didn’t quite grasp the concept of giving without getting something in return, set her sights on a pair of My Little Ponies.

“I need them, because I don’t have them,” she explained to her patient father.

He rationalized that she had “14 or 15” more ponies at home. Undeterred, Adela said these were better because they both had horns — and, if they weren’t added to her collection at that very moment, she would be very mad at her dad.

Adela’s dad plays along, asking how she can stop loving him so easily after all the memories they made together.

In spite her father’s (fake) sadness, Adela restated her case: “I will only like mommy if you don’t buy me anything.”

She then continues to lob more insults at her dad, including one where she called him “Grandpa.” That display of wit has won Adela many fans on YouTube, although it’s not the first time the toddler has earned attention for telling it like it is. Earlier this year, more than 700,000 YouTube viewers watched Adela explain a “baby’s coming out of Mommy’s vagina” in October.

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