Katie Holmes changed cell phones, email, and cut off communication from friends weeks before divore

Divorcing Tom Cruise is not something you can just do over night. Katie Holmes has reportedly been strategically planning this move for weeks, possibly months. About three weeks ago Katie Holmes changed her cell phone number, her email address, fired her staff, and stopped talking to almost all of her friends, according to a People report.

“Her inner circle has been planning this and switching out cell phones since she was in China (in mid-June). When new cell phones arrived, then nobody could reach her. Her old best friends from last week don’t have her new number, no email. She’s unreachable.”

The La Times reported that Katie even went so far as to buy disposable cell phones to plan the divorce (there are also reports that Katie was in close contact with Tom’s ex Nicole Kidman weeks before her filing.) She also reportedly kept him in the dark, and as late as last week was telling him “I love you,” on the phone while he was away shooting a film in Iceland. She moved into a different New York apartment, out of the one they previously shared, reportedly telling her husband that she wanted to move because she wanted an underground garage.

One of the speculations is that Katie left Tom to escape Scientology, especially for her daughter Suri. There have been reports that Scientologists are even spying on Katie. Scientology has denied this, but Katie’s strategy of cutting off all communication with most of the people who know her definitely signals that she may also be cutting off communication with the people around her who are involved in Scientology.

Three weeks ago Tom Cruise told People how happy he was in his marriage, and how the couple planned to spend his birthday together in Iceland, where he is filming Oblivion. Instead, Tom spend his 50th birthday (July 3) in Los Angeles with Connor (17) and Isabella (19), his adopted children with actress Nicole Kidman. He’s reportedly maintaining contact with 6-year-old Suri via phone.

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