GOOD BONES Mina and Karen’s throwback pics will melt your heart with cuteness (when you’re not busy giggling)

Good Bones Mina and Karen

Mina Starsiak-Hawk and Karen E. Laine have a well-earned reputation as the dynamic daughter-mother duo of HGTV. And while Good Bones is a huge hit for the network, a lot of that reputation comes from the pair’s delightful social media feeds: Karen and Mina regularly share super cute pics with Mina’s daughter; Mina’s wedding last summer was documented beautifully; and her reputation for stunning bikini shots is well-earned.

There’s one aspect of their photographic savvy that we haven’t covered, though–the art of the embarrassing-yet-cute throwback photo. Since they shared throwback pics more frequently before the show aired–all the way back when the Good Bones Mina and Karen powerhouse was still known as “Two Chicks and a Hammer”–we thought it only prudent to call new fans’ attention to some of the adorable-ness. Call it a throwback’s throwback 🙂

Beginning in chronological order, enjoy this pair of photos of Karen as a little girl, including one featuring her mother and grandmother:

#tbt don't judge, it was the 60s, we were all flower children then ? #???

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Happy Mother's day Maxine! You were then, and still are, Karen's favorite, most gorgeous style icon!

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Next up is a pic from Karen’s teen years–and it comes with a nifty puzzle attached. (Don’t read through to the comments on the photo itself if you’d rather guess the answer–we’ll share it at the bottom of the article.)

At this point in the timeline, things turn into the Karen and Mina Show:

Happy Mothers Day! Despite the bowl cut you had me live with well into double digits, I love you unreservedly ?

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But this shot of Mina is our favorite of the whole bunch. A little kid eating a donut, getting her face in the action without an ounce of self-consciousness–what could be more adorable or sillier?

Well–maybe a little kid in oversized glasses:

Mina has always been industrious, but used to be better about wearing safety glasses .? ??? #2ch

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We’ll round this photo gallery out with a photo that somehow hasn’t yet gone viral as a meme:

As for modern day shenanigans, you can catch Good Bones Season 2 Tuesday nights at 10 on HGTV.

(As for the answer to the Great Karen E. Laine Cheerleading Mystery? She’s the one on the far left.)

(Photo credits: Good Bones Mina and Karen via Instagram, Facebook)

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