SISTER WIVES What Kody Brown really does for a living

Kody Brown

Kody Brown has been a reality star of the TLC show Sister Wives for 12 years now, but showcasing his life and relationship drama isn’t his only job. His wives Meri, Janelle, and his ex-wife Christine (and several of the adult children) also are involved in MLM businesses to make money on the side. Both Christine and Kody sell Cameo requests, but it’s been confirmed that Kody also sells something else. It’s unclear if Robyn has a job other than the show.

It’s long been rumored that Kody was a gun and arms salesman, and a few days ago a Facebook user spotted Kody selling firearm accessories at the Tulsa, Oklahoma annual gun show. You can view the photos on Reddit. According to this Twitter user, he was selling “strike rails for AR-15s.”

Kody was rumored to have been selling guns when the family lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, but he has always remained tight-lipped about this on the show, and even on social media. In a recent TikTok Q&A with his son Paedon Brown, Paedon confirmed that Kody does have a job that he chooses to keep secret from the Sister Wives audience to avoid any backlash. He didn’t reveal what the job is, but speculation in the comments was that Kody was selling guns. The latest pics seem to prove that arms dealing is at least one of Kody’s jobs and/or hobbies.

Although Kody doesn’t disclose or promote his gun business online, he has been a big U.S. second amendment (the right to bear arms) advocate on his Twitter account.

When Kody landed the show, he was working as a billboard salesman.

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