Kody Brown filming with Nathan Dilts and Brian Coalwell for Sister Wives Season 18

Kody Brown Nathan Dilts filming together for Sister Wives Season 18

Three out of Kody Brown’s four marriages are apparently over, which has many viewers wondering if Sister Wives is going to be canceled. After all, it’s hard to have a show called Sister Wives when there are no sister wives, right?

There have been numerous reliable reports that TLC is filming for Sister Wives Season 18, reports that were confirmed by Kody Brown in a Cameo video earlier this year. In addition to confirming that the cameras are rolling on a new season of Sister Wives, Kody also spilled a little tea in regards to what viewers will see.

The video comes courtesy TikTok user @ranchernikkitv, who assured her followers that she had permission from Kody to share the video — which was originally purchased by someone named Jeremy for a Sister Wives fan named Meghan.

In the video, Kody can be seen in the back seat of a pickup truck or SUV. “Hi Meghan, it’s Kody Brown from Sister Wives!” he begins. “Jeremy wanted me to send you a special message, but he didn’t tell me really what to tell you. I’m just here, out and doing business with my friends.”

Kody then reveals the details about Sister Wives Season 18. “But you know what? He does say you’re a big fan of the show, and I want to thank you for that. And he did want me to tell you sort of a secret. And so, what I want to do is I wanted to introduce you to two of my friends.”

Kody pans the camera over and we see another man in a black t-shirt who waves and says, “Hey there!” as Kody introduces him as Nathan.

We then get a look at the front seat where Kody’s friend Brian Coalwell is sitting. Fans will likely recall Brian as the one who Kody drove to Oklahoma for to officiate his wedding in Season 17.

“These two guys are in the next season,” Kody reveals. They sit down with me to talk about my imminent — or, my sudden and terrible divorce.”

The video ends with Kody telling Meghan to have a great day.


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Kody’s friend Nathan is Meri’s brother-in-law

Sister Wives viewers should know who Brian is, and long-time viewers may remember Nathan as well. His full name is Nathan Dilts, and he is married to Meri Brown’s sister, Rebekah Dilts. The two have appeared on the show, including an episode in Season 4 in which some of the older Brown children return to visit Utah after moving to Las Vegas.

Hunter, Mariah, Logan and Madison visit their former home in Lehi, and it is revealed that Rebekah and Nathan were living there at the time. There is no indication that Nathan has multiple wives, so it’s unclear if they occupied the entire home.

Here are a couple screen caps of Nathan and Rebekah from the episode:

Sister Wives Meri Brown's brother-in-law Nathan Dilts
Sister Wives Meri Brown's sister Rebekah Dilts on the show

Kody and Nathan in business together

As we previously reported, Kody Brown, Nathan Dilts and Brian Coalwell are the three official members listed for US Tactical, LLC. US Tactical, LLC was formed in Utah in April of 2022 and looks to be a business that sells guns and/or gun accessories.

The scenes with Kody and Brian during Sister Wives Season 17 seemed a bit out of place for the show. That, combined with the timing of the formation of the business, caused me to speculate in a previous post that producers might have been testing the waters for more “Kody and the Boys” scenes. I even joked about a potential spin-off.

Now I’m thinking that the potential spin-off of Kody and the bros will actually be part of Sister Wives Season 18 instead. Producers are going to need scenes with Kody talking about his divorces and other things in his life, and they can’t all be just him and Robyn.

It will be interesting to see how producers handle the conversations between Kody, Brian and Nathan because they have clearly been trying to avoid bringing up the fact that Kody is in the gun business.

Rebekah Dilts sells LuLaRoe with Meri

Kody isn’t the only Brown family member in business with a Dilts. Meri Brown and her sister, Rebekah Dilts, are both sellers of LuLaRoe. They often post together, and even take LuLaRoe retreat trips together.

Here’s Meri and Rebekah together on the bottom of pyramid of six LuLaRoe ladies:

Sister Wives Meri Brown and sister Rebekah Dilts LuLaRoe

Meri leaving Kody will surely make for some interesting talks between Kody and Nathan! It seems the boys are still close and still in business together. It’s unclear if the split, and Nathan’s loyalty to Kody, has impacted Meri’s relationship with Rebekah. I suppose we will have to tune in next season to find out!

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