Sister Wives Robyn Brown Twitter Q & A: Kody divorce, marriage, adoption, crying, and more

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The Brown family of TLC’s polygamist reality series Sister Wives were in the headlines for weeks after we broke the story that family patriarch Kody Brown had legally divorced his first wife Meri and then later legally married his fourth wife Robyn. Speculation and debate raged on social media, internet forums and comment sections as fans waited for the topic to be addressed in the show’s season finale and Sister Wives Tell All special on Sunday.

During the Sister Wives Season finale, which brought in a WHOPPING 2.792 million viewers, it was revealed that Meri made the selfless decision to divorce Kody so he could then legally marry Robyn as a first step towards adopting Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage.

Despite revealing the Browns’ motivation for the divorce and marriage, some fans still had a lot of questions — not just about the legal marital shifting, but about the show and cast. Also, some detractors continued to express their disdain for the divorce, for Robyn, and for the show in general.

After weeks of having to remain quiet because of the upcoming finale, Kody’s fourth wife (and now his only legal wife) Robyn Brown decided to make the bold commitment to answer questions — ALL questions — in a marathon Twitter Q&A that took place over the course of a few days.

As great as Twitter is for allowing fans to interact with celebrities (and yes, Robyn and Kody and the other wives are celebrities), it is not exactly the ideal way to do a lengthy interview with multiple people, so it is a bit hard to follow all of the Q&A conversations Robyn had. So, I’ve cobbled together 95% of what was said from March 3 and after below in as readable a timeline as I could manage. My apologies for not doing much editing, but I know that if I did much of that I would be called out for some sort of bias, and it would shift some of the attention away from Robyn’s questions and answers and focus it instead on my editorial decisions compiling it.

Let me say that I greatly admire Robyn for doing this — I’m sure it was a VERY taxing and sometimes downright dishearteningly frustrating endeavor at times. I cover a lot of reality TV shows and off-screen cast activities, and this is a rarity.

Before we get to the “interview,” I will start off with Robyn’s explanation for doing the Q&A and her thoughts after getting through it:

So I tried something the last few days. I tried answering a lot hate messages and questions thrown my way from fans. It has taught me a few things.

1. Some people no matter the truth you tell them just WANT to hate. It seems to give them life. It was strange to watch.

2. Some people really want to know the truth & have intelligent questions. They usually accepted what I said. They just want to understand.

3. Some people are really seeing what & who we are- a loving family just doing our best to make it work. The LOVE they see really seemed to give them life. It really made me hopeful. It made me have faith in mankind.

I really and truly wanted to clear up rumors and misunderstandings. I thought if I faced it head on then people would see the truth. I realize now for some people that no matter how much truth you show them, it will never matter. They will only see what they want.

I want to promise those people just seeking truth that if they ask me a real question without hate & without cruelty, I will try to answer. I want to say thank you to those who are supportive & kind to us. Thank you for seeing the heart of our family. It means the world to me.

And here is the Robyn Brown Twitter Q&A leading up to the above summary with a few questions and answers from the last couple days as well. The questions are in bold and Robyn’s answers are in regular text. I’ve included Robyn’s tweet with a selfie because at some point she was accused of either being fake or having her Twitter account hacked.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Twitter Q and A wedding dress

Why do you always cry? I suppose you will block me now like everyone else that doesn’t agree with you.
Actually no because you didn’t insult me, you asked a question. I cry about things that mean a lot to me. It is a Fullmer trait. Some people aren’t willing to see who I am really am. I am seriously misunderstood. My family & friends are baffled by the hate. What do you say to… I hate you. You are a homewrecker. I don’t trust you. You are manipulative. You wrecked this family. ?? I spend days filming and I cry once and the editors will for sure use it. Frankly, I am tired of seeing it on the show.

After watching show…have to question your real motives Robyn. Your crying seems a little scripted!
My tears are not scripted. They are absolutely real. That would take a lot of talent I think to cry on demand. What would my real motives be? Seriously I am asking for a real reason.

It’s hard to even take you seriously at this point….but I’ll just say it…to be Kody’s number 1.
You are wrong. My goal is to have a successful relationship w/ hubby and SW’s. I am tired of saying this but my tears are real.

Oh I could cry on cue believe me lol
Well I couldn’t.

I as a viewer think that Kody loves you more than the others. I think you’re very manipulative.
Alright. Give examples. Real examples of something I did that was manipulative and self serving. Name 3.

…To me, you are manipulative. Why can we not disagree? It’s not to be ugly just outside looking in.
I see what my sisterwives are feeling. I have spent hrs talking to them about their feelings. Cried with them. Tried to help.

You should of said, let’s wait and look up info. Now Meri is divorced & you don’t even know what will happen.
As I understand it, in order to even file adoption papers Kody and I need to be legally married. It makes it easier to..

I will say it simply. Kody has deep love for you. Don’t get mad. We all see it. Maybe plural marriage isn’t the answer.
I am not mad. He does love me but he loves Janelle, Meri and Christine too! I couldn’t love him if he didn’t.

Hmmm…What was done that was manipulative and self serving by @LuvgvsUwngs? Bashing her children’s bio dad on National TV?
How did I bash? I remember actually telling the truth kindly. My kids aren’t dumb. They were there and they know for themselves.

This should never be done in a public forum. Kids internalize things said about parents. #ForensicPsychology
Like I said examples…I don’t talk bad about my ex to my kids. I don’t have them watch the show either. I will say it again. My kids were there & remember what it was like when I was married to my ex. I wish they didn’t but they do. If I wasn’t honest then you all would beat me up for taking kids away from their bio dad and for getting divorced. ???

Court/custody battles should be off limits. Courts tend to frown upon parental alienation.
Why even take the time to answer you? You aren’t even reading and accepting what I am writing. The courts also tend to frown on neglect & no child support. Again, I don’t bash my ex to my kids and they don’t watch the show.

Many people are not honest when it comes to divorce and custody. It is the way of the world. Deal w/ this quietly 4 the kids.
Now I am a liar? Nevermind. This is waste of my time.

Courts don’t consider child support for custody designation. Good luck. Become informed . I wish your kids the best.
I didn’t say they did. I said it was frowned upon. I am informed.

Another manipulative and self serving move was blindsiding Janelle w/ marriage news. She kept sweet but we felt bad 4 her.
No. That wasn’t my information to tell. This whole plan belongs to Meri. How do you suggest it should have been handled? It was a difficult situation. It would have been nice to not have the camera’s there but then you complain the show is scripted.

@LuvgvsUwngs don’t let social media destroy you. You are beautiful and loving just ignore the bullies!!
Thank you! I will stop if it gets to be too much.

Oh Sobyn Robyn – this is a fine kettle of fish you’ve got now. Waters are churned as if a piranha was there. Killing the show.
Huh? Actually it isn’t. The family is stronger than ever and this is as real as it gets. Also, we are back for another season in Sept.

I love this family but Robyn brought in Serious baggage and has suffocated them with it.
Why would you tag me in this? I hope you don’t have any divorced friends. You just offended them all.

I AM divorced and re married.
Do you have any kids? Any debt brought into your new marriage? How about trust issues? I am sorry but EVERYONE who gets married and divorced has baggage. Baggage that new spouse deals with.

Financials and custody agreements were iron clad before marriage was even discussed.
Wow. You very carefully skirted my question and proved my point.

Ignorance is ignorance. Robyn ignore the hate. They’ve bombarded me with it for defending you.
I am sorry for that. You only stated the truth. Kody loves Meri and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Its gotta be hard being the 4th wife and divorced etc. I am sympathetic to that.
Being divorced is hard. Being a 4th wife is actually a blessing. I appreciate your sweetness.

I think polygamy is great and I have no judgments. Most of us in Vegas are similar. Stay strong.
Thanks. I hope to run into you sometime.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown family photo

I’m shocked at the mean tweets you receive. You seem like a great person and a part of a great family! Keep your head up!
Thank you. I appreciate that.

Aww, had to ask some1 what 1st tweet meant? lol Actually many fans disillusioned & feel misled. Might be last season in Sept.
Mislead? Could you just be straight forward instead of mean and passive aggressive? How about say something worthwhile to me? I am here. Actually tweeting a troll back!

I’m not being mean nor am I a troll. A lot of fans (me 2) feel like we were sold a bill of goods & got smthg different & shady.
Be specific. I am serious. Prove you aren’t a troll. Be real with me.

The REASON for the shake-up was for insurance for your children? That’s what’s being told to fans? That’s only one of several. So that Kody can/might adopt your 3 kiddo’s? Has their father given up his parental rights?
I never approved that information about insurance going out. You are right that is incorrect. So I am sorry for that. I need you to excuse me from this question. This is something I can’t talk about at this time.

That’s fine, it’s a personal question. But since it can’t be answered – why has it been mentioned & put out there? Seems wrong.
We are always trying to be real as we can. This is our truth. What is wrong exactly? Oh I see what you are saying. I can only say that I will give you as much truth as I can. The kids want it. They remember what it was like when I was married to my ex. I don’t bash him and they don’t watch the show.

They might want it now but when they get older they might want to know their father! Why are you making them chose?
I am not making them choose. I can’t control whether my ex chooses to take his time with them.

it is always best 2 keep the option in kids life 2 c father! I’m sure they love him no matter the time or support he gives them.
Agreed and that is what I am doing.

[Private or deleted tweet about how Robyn coming into the family made everything difficult — I assume]
Meri talks about when Janelle and Christine came into the family.. it was hard as well. She talks about it in our book. Janelle talks about when Christine came into the family and how that was hard. It is something we discuss with each other. Strange as it sounds..all the emotions and feelings are normal. Every plural wife sounds the same. My sister had a Sisterwife come into her family. She struggled the same way Christine has. I have friends who have come into a family like I have and we have similar pain. But u see we all chose this. We want it still…even on hard days. We have pain but we also have blessings & a life we love!

It seems they were more threatened by you.
You never saw how it was for them back them so there is no way to tell. The worked through a lot of that. We know it is hard for people to wrap their heart and head around what we are doing. We are just trying to show that plural families aren’t scary.

I think it’s amazing if it works.
It doesn’t always but when it does it is seriously special. We are working to achieve that. I wish everyone understood I LOVE my sisterwives. I hate when they hurt. I want to be close to them. We are working for that. Just a little inside. It is very hard filming when you know a bunch of people are going to rip everything you say apart. That sometimes is the reason why we look grumpy. Seriously. We appreciate our fans but it is tough trying to own our truth.

I’m being supportive. I’m just asking how would you feel if another wife came into the picture.
Believe me I have thought about that a lot so I could understand my SW. I really do my best to understand their struggle.

They all deserve someone to love them. I feel that Kody only loves you in everyway.
Ok but Kody tells me all the time how much he loves his wives and I see him walk his talk everyday.

Sorry but he obviously has nothing but disdain for downtrodden Christine who was abandoned while pregnant.
YOU ARE WRONG. He loves Christine and was there for her while she was in labor with Truely. I was taking care of her kids, cleaning her house and getting things ready for her to come home. Kody was in work clothes and came home to change and get supplies for Christine.

Have you made efforts towards Janelle to allay her worries about you & Kody running off? She seemed genuinely afraid.
Yes I have. I was so upset when I saw that moment. I told her that if he ever asked me to leave together I would tell him to jump in a lake! But….he wouldn’t ask that.

It really was a very vulnerable moment that Janelle showed.
It totally was. It was hard to watch. I love that woman.

Did you recently go to Hawaii? An exotic trip for you and Kody could cause insecurities among the others, no?
I took Kody to Hawaii for my birthday in Oct. Something I always wanted to do. I think we all get a little [jealous] when one of us goes somewhere special with Kody but then we all get our turn. Next time it should be just us gals!

Has Christine or Janelle had a private vacation with Kody and just Kody? Oh, yeah Janelle got a 1 night camping trip. duh!
You are funny! Just because you didn’t see it on the show didn’t mean it didn’t happen. Both Christine and Janelle have.

You are very talkative tonight!! Has it been tough since the finale aired? There’s been lots of backlash…
Yes I am. I am trying to see if talking back helps. I am tired of the back lash. We have had a lot of people support what we are doing and say so. They are very sweet. A lot people are mad too…and say so.

You’re always upset! But let me just say when Meri told u she was divorcing Kody for u and your kids..those tears wear FAKE! I truly believe you are a manipulator! And when you came into the family THATS when. The browns divided..I do not consider you a real Brown or sisterwive..your about YOU!
Then you refuse to see me for who I am and that is on you. My tears are real. I wish I could control them.

So are you the first wife now? Or is everything still the same?
Everything is still the same! 🙂 Meri will always be Kody’s first wife. I am his 4th wife and will always be.

What makes me so irate is .@LuvgvsUwngs was FORCING her kids to call Kody dad from beginning yet they’re now claiming Dad been gone 2 yrs.
Nope I wasn’t. Not sure where you go that. My kids were asking me for a new Dad from the time I was divorced.

Kids asking for a new Dad? That sounds like a Hallmark movie.
Yes. I questioned her because she – by choice- had been calling Kody Dad for months.

If u spend all ur time on the haters trying to prove yourself, you will miss out on all the love!!
I am just trying something different. I am trying to talk to people. Thank you for the love. I will respond to that too!

Yea but Kody didn’t cry he was so excited you guys make a mockery of plural marriage.
YOU ARE WRONG. Kody was in tears signing the divorce.

What about the “prurity” speech you made in church? That is talking bad.
My kids didn’t know who I was talking about in my purity talk. I never referenced myself. You just want to believe I am bad.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was devastated …etc. I spent the next nine years trying to make it right.
Yes because I felt horrible bringing a baby into that mess. I also said Dayton was the best thing that ever happened to me.

She meant she never referenced who the man was she spoke of in her purity speech — it was pretty obvious who she was speaking of.
Not to my kids. They don’t know that story.

Wow this bugs me, Dayton is the best? what about your three other kids? No hate, but u should say the 4 best things ever.
Haha! I was saying the best thing up to that point. I love all my kids. I adore them.

My son’s father was deadbeat but I’d never tell my kid that. Adopting a kid that has a dad is wrong.
I wish people would read my tweets. I don’t bash my ex to my kids & I don’t have them watch show.

Kissing Kody while C in labor. Cookie speech in front of kids. Victoria’s Secret debt but no crib?
I was engaged to Kody when he kissed me. Christine TOLD HIM to kiss the next woman when they got engaged.

So which is the truth? When she was upset that he kissed you, or when she’s saying she TOLD him to kiss you?
I have already answered your question. She did both. She was bothered that we kissed after telling him to do so.
Victoria Secret debt was for long sleeved shirts and longer pants and longer pjs. I have very long legs so I had to special order them back then. That debt is paid. People are sure hung up on that.

But why charge things that you can not afford. Not for nothing Walmart sells long inseamed jeans.
I lived in a town without a Walmart. When you have some real questions come back.

Dayton looked so handsome in his interview. I think he’s an awesome kid. You’re doing a great job with your kids.
Thank You! I am so very proud of them.

Earlier tweet from Robyn on March 1: I swore to myself that I would never have a legal marriage again. I only ever wanted my spiritual marriage.

And yet, everything has fallen apart since you joined. Poor Christine is a mess. Meri has ballooned.
And Janelle and Christine have lost weight…do I get credit for that too? You need to understand that everytime a wife comes into the family it is an adjustment. Can you give me an example of something I have done to hurt them? Or is it just my presence? I love my sisterwives and I am working on a relationship with each one of them.

Why do you get a Hawaii trip but Christine was told to save her grocery money if she wanted to visit her sick father?
I saved up my grocery money for my trip to Hawaii. Christine has the same opportunity.

CHRISTINE: Honestly, @LuvgvsUwngs ‘s ex hasn’t made any effort to see the kids in almost 2 years. And, Kody talks to them everyday. #SisterWives

Then why were they shown being taken to him in MT?
That was over two and a half years ago.

Robyn, you are such a genuine person. I would not respond to the haters. Just keep being yourself.
Thank you for your kindness. I am trying a different method. Trying to set the record straight. I will stop if it is too much.

Robyn! Why are you feeding the trolls?!?! Block this idiot and move on!
Just facing the situation head on. Trying something.

Not trolls. She is facing the truth, not trolls. She is being called out on her BS.
So call me out…

Why the divorce before parental rights are terminated. No divorce needed if ex won’t sign over … A horrible excuse for causing so much damage to 17 children. You have destroyed their foundation. manipulative is using the if I die angle. manipulative is a Hawaii trip his kids & wives don’t get … Is it true you left for days until Kody buckled in and gave into your demands?
Well if we are going to be COMPLETELY fair…I never got to go to Mexico and neither did the kids.

Do you ever get jealous when Kody goes to see one of the other sister wives and has to leave you?
Of course I do but…I remember how much I love my SW and I put my big girl panties on and go have fun with my kids.

I thought you watch #SisterWives as a family? Ur kids don’t watch? Do they want to?
Adults and whatever kids that want to watch. My kids don’t want to and I don’t make them.

Kody Brown Robyn couch Sister Wives

Was wondering for a while if people in Vegas recognize you in street and if there are more haters or supporters.
People are mostly kind and warm to our faces.

Here’s you & Kody in a wedding portrait. Why the lies?
That was weeks before my wedding. I said I didn’t take pics in my dress with him alone on my wedding day. There is a difference.

Previous tweet by Robyn about the divorce and marriage on March 1: The thing that seems hard for people to understand is this doesn’t change anything in our family. Please try to see this is our reality.
Then why was everyone crying? If its a mere formality? ?
No. You are getting to see our real lives and our real tears. Please respect that. I can only argue this so much.

Meri’s act was the epitome of selfless, but I don’t understand why people are acting like u kicked her out of the family??
Good question.


Sincere concern is that your belief devalues women by sharing husband. You’re Worth more than that, kids need father full time.
Thank you for your concern. I don’t feel devalued. I feel very independent but also interdependent. I know it is hard to understand. If our kids were having problems & getting into trouble then I would worry. People they interact with thinks they are awesome.

How is your older son with his eye?
He is doing awesome. Dayton just finished up his first season of high school wrestling. It was so fun to watch him.

What do you use on your face?? Your skin is perfect!!
I am currently using IT Cosmetics. Thank you!

Do you feel that the editing of the show shows relationships unequally?
This is a tough question. I think the editors do their job. I think the editors are constantly trying to understand how to show our truth yet show the most interesting story. You don’t see everything & every special moment in every relationship. It can be frustrating for all of us sometimes. An example – you didn’t get to see the romantic date Janelle and Kody went on for their anniversary last year. You just saw Kody do his hair in a pony tail and then them walking out the door. Janelle and Kody talked about how much fun they had to us and showed off the beautiful bracelet he gave her. They filmed the date but chose not to use it. Please remember that as you watch the show. It is an hr of our lives.

Has being a part of the show made u “tougher”? I can relate 2 u! I have enjoyed watching u get stronger over time!
Yea. I have had to get stronger & realize not to take everything to heart. I know I am a sensitive person. I feel things deeply.

I am in a plural marriage myself and would love any pointers you may have on dealing with jealousy.
My biggest way to get over jealousy is working on relationships with SW. If you love, trust & communicate with them it helps!

I’m wondering when you have a family dinner how do you cook for the entire family? Is it like a potluck kinda thing. #curious
Unless it is a child’s birthday it is usually a planned potluck. We pick a theme and volunteer what we want to bring. 🙂

Does your religion believe in Jesus Christ and his resurrection?
Yes we do!

Ty u guys should share your faith what u believe more on the show def since plural marriage is a big part of it just a thought.
We do. It doesn’t always make the show.

When will the new season start? Also did Kody adopt your children?
Sept. We shall see!

[Tweet sent to Christine] u will blk me 4 this but u, J or M should of gotten that H vaca.
No. It was NOT a honeymoon. I saved my money to go. Bought tickets 8 months before Meri told us her plan. We went to Hawaii in Oct. We didn’t do the legal marriage until December. My honeymoon was May of 2010.

On the one episode you & Kody took a display of jewelry to a store to sell. What stores can we find your jewelry?
We sell our jewelry at the Cannery and Silverton here in Vegas. We will have it in other places soon. 🙂

Tried really hard actually to understand. Still can’t see value poly, aside from great mothering.
The value to me is that I got to choose the man I wanted to marry. So did Janelle and Christine. We all got to see him as a husband before we said “I do”. I got to see him as a dad before “I do”. I knew he was a God fearing honorable husband and dad. I think you need to look at it in terms of how many parents are there for the kids. Same sex couples don’t have a mom and dad. Sometimes what you think is strain from lifestyle is more stress of the public eye. Don’t get me wrong, I love what the show has done for our family- we get to be an open plural family but it can be hard at times.

Another manipulative and self serving move was blindsiding Janelle w/ marriage news. She kept sweet but we felt bad 4 her.
It was a difficult situation. It would have been nice to not have the camera’s there but then you complain the show is scripted.

Very sad. I hope Janelle can one day stand up for herself.
Janelle is a strong woman who owns her truth and speaks her mind. You must be misunderstanding her as well.

I admit I cannot stand to watch the show since you came into the picture. I feel so bad for Mmeri. You should be outed.
This so strange when people say this. I was on the first episode of the very first season.

Want to ask Robyn a question yourself? She still seems to be in quite the giving mood and continues answering questions on Twitter. Check her out: @LuvgvsUwngs

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