Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s brother Marc passes away

Sister Wives Meri Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown shared some sad news earlier today as she revealed her older brother Marc passed away early Tuesday morning.

“Around 2 AM Tuesday March 10, I lost my brother,” Meri tweeted early Wednesday morning. “Getting a call from mom in the middle of the night, you know something is wrong.”

Meri didn’t share any specific details about Marc’s passing, but she did say that he was suffering. “Marc was the oldest of our family. He was in a lot of emotional & physical pain. I know he is feeling some peace now & I’m so glad he does.”

Meri added, “I feel happy knowing dad and our sister both welcomed him home. This has been a joyful & sorrowful day.”

Not long after her announcement, Meri offered up her thanks to those sending her condolences and kind messages. “I am so grateful to special people in my life who have reached out to show their love & support. I pray for mom always, in yet another loss.”

Meri was with a number of her family members this week to celebrate her mother’s 70th birthday on March 9. She shared this photo of her daughter Mariah with her cousins on Tuesday:

Our thoughts are with Meri. I’m sure this is one of those times where having a HUGE family is a blessing.

UPDATE – Here is Meri’s brother Marc’s obituary and photo shared by Meri:

On March 10, 2015 our father, brother, uncle, son, and grandpa, Marc William Barber, left this earth and returned to his Father in Heaven.

Marc was a native of California, but grew up in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. As a young man he was instantly loved by all because of his personality and friendliness to everyone. He was a Cowboy at heart and spent his time riding and working with horses, any chance he had.

He had a unique way of speaking with people, which helped pave the way for a successful career as a bill collector.

Hobbies were easy; Family, Bareback Riding, and the Pittsburg Steelers.

Marc is survived by his children & (grandchildren): Alex, Mekenzi (Kyler & Olivia), Alex, Elisha, Brandon (Bella & Aspen), Bryce (Maximillion), Corbin (Briyit), Tyler, and Garret.

He is now reunited with his son Brady, his sister Teresa, his dad Bill, and his grandparents.

A private viewing will be held. Graveside service will be held at 11:00 AM, located at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 115 W Main Street, Mount Pleasant UT 84647.

Cowboy up my friend. You made your eight second ride.. YEE HAW!!!

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