SISTER WIVES Mariah Brown comes out as trans, changes their name to Leon

Sister Wives‘s Mariah Brown is trans and going forward will be referred to as Leon, or Leo, Brown. They came out June 28, 2022 via an Instagram post.

Leon began their Instagram caption of the announcement with “someone recently told me that i didn’t have to have all of my shit figured out in order for me to share myself with the world.”

“so here’s me,” they continued. “definitely not having almost any of my sh!t figured out, to let you know that i am trans. my name is Leon or Leo (i love both) and my pronouns are they/them.”

Leo goes on to say that they remember knew they weren’t a girl from an early age. The fact that they grew up in a “gendered and restrictive” environment caused them to be socialized as a girl and a woman. Now, though, they’re ready to share themselves with the world as “genderqueer, trans, and unapologetic.”

They go on to say that being queer and trans are favorite parts of themselves and that they are continuing to learn to love themselves through this process.

Leon clarified at the bottom that they wanted to share this to let people in, but also to set boundaries. Those boundaries are they ask people who do not want to honor their name or pronouns to not speak to or about them.

Leon’s partner Audrey Kriss is also transgender and announced that they would be going by they/them pronouns in December 2021. They’ve since gotten top surgery and have been celebrating their voice change since being on low-dose testosterone. So far Audrey hasn’t asked to be called by a different name.

Photo: Leon Brown’s Instagram

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