Sisters Wives’ Kody Brown wants Brad Pitt to be his brother husband

Apparently Sister Wives’ patriarch Kody Brown is open to his wives having multiple husbands, as long as it’s Brad Pitt.

“If there was going to be a brother husband, I would ask Brad to join the family,” he told The Huff Post Celeb’s Naughty But Nice Rob “New York Live,” but it’s mostly because he wants to marry Angelina Jolie. And then he sorta calls Jennifer Aniston dull. Oh Kody Brown, you’re just like the tabloids!

“I’m an Angie guy. She is weird but she’s genuine. She was married to Billy Bob, come on. It’s not a matter of Jen being dull, but I think Angelina Jolie is a real humanitarian. I see her as a mother. Jen could do it well, but Brad and Angie are good parents.”

Despite all the fantasy celebrity marriage talk, Kody Brown thinks he’s maxed out on brides. He explained that sometimes he thinks he does, but ultimately he doesn’t think he could manage it.

So there ya go, Kody Brown may be a member of a fundamentalist Mormon sect, but he’s into freaky chicks AND their life partners. Not sure Angie and Brad would take Kody up on that offer, but it’s an option. I mean, Angelina DID marry Billy Bob, after all.


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