FIRST LOOK: Shocking Sister Wives Season 18 Trailer

The shocking season 18 trailer for Sister Wives has dropped and it looks like no one is safe.

Watch it here and find out who is telling Kody Brown to “f*ck off…”

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TLC reality show that has followed the Brown family since 2010. Over the course of 17 seasons we have gotten to know Kody Brown’s polygamist family which includes wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

Recently, the family has fallen on some hard times… with most of the wives abandoning Kody. Currently it appears that he is in a monogamous relationship with 4th wife Robyn as Christine is engaged to “love of her life” David Woolley, and Meri and Janelle have distanced themselves from the patriarch.

While Meri is hesitant to leave, “hopeful” that her and Kody could still work it out, according the new trailer second wife Janelle is definitely done with his bullsh*t.

Sister Wives Season 18 Trailer

The season 18 trailer for Sister Wives just dropped today and it looks more explosive than ever.

Fans have been curious how the show would go on with so much turmoil in the family, and it looks as if they’ll be diving into each of the fractured relationships starting Sunday, August 20, 2023:

The Brown family aftermath

There are many shocking encounters in the trailer, most notably Janelle telling Kody to “shut your f*cking mouth.” Janelle has always been the outspoken wife, but it looks like she has found her voice now more than ever.

Earlier in the trailer she tells Christine that she is “growing” and that she doesn’t want to be married anymore. Christine’s jaw drops (and so did ours!)

Christine and Kody try to have a heart to heart, but Christine scolds Kody for not being able to look back on their failed relationship with a sense of humor. Kody Brown finds nothing funny about his 3rd wife leaving him and moving on with another man.

Meri tells Robyn that the decision has basically been made for her, she will leave because Kody is essentially “done with her.” Kody questions why she even lives in Flagstaff at all.

Janelle’s kids later chime in, with Garrison saying “Robyn can have him” and that none of the kids need a “father figure” anymore because they are grown.

Meri notes that Kody Brown isn’t “happy go lucky” anymore… gee… can’t imagine why!

Sister Wives season 18 premieres Sunday, August 20, 2023 on TLC

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