How big is Robyn Brown’s house? What’s the square footage and how many bedrooms? SISTER WIVES

Sister Wives How big is Robyn Brown's house?

On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown has parked her new RV on Coyote Pass and the rest of the Brown family comes by to take a tour. Despite praising Janelle earlier for her seemingly wise fiscal decision to buy the RV instead of the house she had been renting, Kody has nothing but negative things to say after the RV was parked.

Kody’s condemnation of the RV doesn’t have anything to do with the cost, but EVERYTHING to do with the size. Despite Janelle’s fifth wheel camper being pretty big, Kody has adjusted to life in Robyn’s REALLY DAMN BIG house, and he can’t even comprehend roughing it in a “tiny” trailer like Janelle’s.

“The contrast I’ll be living in between Janelle’s house and Robyn’s house is going to be so significant!” Kody says while chuckling during a confessional. “I get my exercise going up and down the stairs and down the hallway at Robyn’s house. I’m gonna come in here and sit down and not be able to move my elbows!”

As the Browns are touring the RV, Kody offers up his thoughts on specific aspects of Janelle’s camper. “I don’t actually believe that I will ever use this bathroom. It’s just too small. I’ll — I’ll — I’ll shower somewhere else,” he says.

And what about Janelle’s bedroom? “The bed is big enough,” Kody concedes. “But for me to, like, bring a suitcase here — where am I going to put the suitcase?”

Later in the episode, Kody hops up on his soap box and pontificates about how Janelle’s decision to buy an RV means he will likely be spending more time at Robyn’s — if that’s possible. Here’s Kody’s speech:

In plural marriage, if you’re not around a lot for a wife, she takes it personal. She starts to feel like a victim, she feels like plural marriage is unfair. In this case, Janelle has a tiny little kitchen, and a tiny little house, and tiny little bathroom, and if I’m not around, she will start to feel like she’s marginalized. But she made choices that are a major inconvenience to me — to my lifestyle — because she wanted this RV.

Now there’s an inclination for me to go, ‘Well, I got hot water at Robyn’s house,’ you know? ‘Why am I gonna sit here and suffer with you with your choices?’

The situation is an ‘is what it is.’ Janelle made a choice. I will accommodate that choice as best I can, and then make my own choices.

Kody isn’t the only one who has adjusted to a new lifestyle. Robyn, who was a flat broke single mom with three kids when Kody started courting her a little over a decade ago, is put off by the mere notion of a human being living in an RV. “I’m not a big fan of trailers,” Robyn says. “I don’t think anybody should have to live in them.”

One of Robyn’s daughters looks at the bunks in Savannah’s bedroom. “Are these, like, gonna be for the doggies?” she asks.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown says she doesn't think anyone should have to live in a trailer

Meanwhile, Meri has a little bit of humility — albeit reluctantly. “I guess Janelle living in this trailer wouldn’t be too far off of the mobile home that we lived in with Kody, and me, and Janelle, and Christine,” she says, recalling the Browns’ early years living in Wyoming and Montana.

Kody and Robyn’s comments about how inconceivable it would be to live in Janelle’s “tiny” trailer has many viewers wondering…

How big is Robyn Brown’s house?

Robyn Brown’s house (which we here at Starcasm affectionately refer to as “Brownton Abbey”) is featured prominently on the show, and it is clear from the interior and exterior shots that the house is quite large. But, exactly how large is it?

According to the 2019 real estate listing, the house is 4,395 square feet. It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Here are some more details about Robyn’s house from the listing:

    Master bedroom is on the main (second) floor and features full-length glass door access to the deck.

    The kitchen features a commercial-sized refrigerator, a 6-burner cook top stove, walk-in pantry and a wine fridge.

    Master bath features a large, dual-head shower.

    Massive built-in shelving wall in the living room with gas fireplace.

    Heated driveway.

Kody and Robyn bought the house for $890,000 in August of 2019. The incredibly large purchase seemed a bit ill-advised given that the Brown family hoped to start building on Coyote Pass. As is ALWAYS the case whenever a decision involving Robyn might not go over well with viewers, Robyn and Kody had a narrative that painted her as innocent and forced to go along.

Robyn was renting a large house and the owners decided to sell it. Robyn and Kody looked for another rental, but there were none (lol) available in Flagstaff. Robyn was willing to move 30 minutes out of town into a rental house she found, but Kody refused to move that far away from his kids. As a result, the ONLY alternative the couple had was to buy a lavish $890,000 mansion in Flagstaff. (lol again)

“Buying this house makes me feel like I’m betraying my family and my kids,” Robyn said during an emotional confessional, “because buying this house will actually delay us moving out onto the property.”

There was some footage shot inside the house shown during Season 14, and viewers recently got extended looks at Robyn’s living room, dining room, and kitchen during the infamous COVID Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of photos from the listing, including a look inside the master bedroom and the large shower that has made it impossible for Kody to shower in Janelle’s RV:

Sister Wives Sister_Wives_Robyn Brown's house inside photos

For those of you trying to get an idea of the house dimensions, here is the image from county property records with measurements. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an accurate floor plan.

Robyn Brown's house floorplan

In addition to questions about the size of Robyn’s house, there are also questions surrounding how much Kody and Robyn put down on the property. The answer is a bit complicated due to the fact that the couple refinanced and had two different home equity lines of credit. I hope to do a post clarifying all of the finances in regards to Brownton Abbey, so stay tuned!

UPDATE – Click the link in the tweet below for all the Brownton Abbey financial details!

And be sure to check out this video to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about Coyote Pass in regards to how much each sister wife owns:

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