SISTER WIVES Christine’s boyfriend’s daughter Kati Charlene is happy that her dad is dating Christine

@kati_charlene on TikTok

After Sister Wives‘s Christine Brown went public with dating construction businessman and widower David Woolley, his daughter Kati Charlene couldn’t wait to share her excitement about the news.

She published several ecstatic TikToks (@kati_charlene) about the announcement, and also shared some personal stories about how great she thinks her father is.


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She replied to one comment stating “He’s our dad now” with a sarcastic video “complaining” about her dad but actually revealing how thoughtful he has been to her.

She shared that one time when she was on her period he brought her “just a chocolate bar and sushi” and not an entire cake.


Replying to @mdevange I’m awkward and not good at sarcasm, but you get the point 😅 #christinebrown #christineanddavid #fyp

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Then she shared another fake complaint about how one time she was having a sad birthday at college, so he drove two hours to bring her to dinner.

She then broke out of her sarcastic performance and said that he was the “best dad in the world” and explained that she had “thousand stories about all the times he’s shown up for me in my life.”

“I will gladly share him with the Internet because he’s incredible and everyone deserves to see what kind of dad he is,” she continued to gush.

Kati is now married and lives about 12 hours away from her Dad.

One of the reasons Kati Charlene says we can know that David’s a good dad is the fact that if you ask him if he’s a good dad, he’ll tell you no.

David had eight children in total, so it’s amazing to hear that he’s been able to show up like this as a dad.

David’s wife and Kati Charlene’s mother passed away in 2012, so he’s also been there for his kids during the loss of their mother. “He’s had to be our mom too,” Kati said.

What does Kati Charlene think about Christine?

Kati says that Christine Brown is “amazing” and makes her and all of her siblings feel loved.


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