Sister Wives’ Brown family moving out of Utah

It’s going to take an army of moving vans but the Brown family from TLC’s controversial polygamy themed show Sister Wives are packing their bags and moving out of Utah to Nevada.

The family, which now stands at 21 people, will be heading to Nevada to seek new job opportunities according to a source with TMZ.  The family has been under investigation for bigamy in Utah ever since their quiet and private lives became very public on TV.  One thing that certainly could have hastened their decision to move is that it’s NOT illegal to cohabitate in Nevada.

The family’s high powered attorney, Jonathan Turley, noted to TMZ that no charges have been filed against the Browns.  One could safely assume that the legal troubles hounding the Browns would be, like their old home, left behind back in Utah.  I bet the authorities that have been weighing whether or not to prosecute the family sure don’t mind hearing this news!

Kody and the gang will be featured in a second season of the popular show with a premiere episode set for March.

For those of you who enjoy Sister Wives and need a handy chart to keep up with the Browns from Utah, I mean Nevada, check out our Brown Family Tree.