Should CBS fire Charlie Sheen?

07 January 2009 - Los Angeles, California - Charlie Sheen. 35th Annual People's Choice Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

It looks like Charlie Sheen has went and pulled a Charlie Sheen again.  The notorious actor got drunk at a restaurant, went back to his hotel room with a hooker, did a little cocaine and trashed the room in a naked screaming rage accusing the hooker of stealing his wallet and being a whore.  We’ve got so used to this type of behavior from Sheen that a story like this almost passes right by.  I think it’s just that fact that CBS execs are banking on in order to keep their money making machine Two and a Half Men going.

So does CBS even have an employee code of ethics?  And if they do, wouldn’t the above indiscretions have to fall under these guidelines somewhere?  As we all know Sheen ain’t no first time offender having recently been caught up in a domestic violence scandal with his estranged wife Brooke Mueller.  Good-Time-Charlie was charged with felony menacing as well as third-degree assault.  He copped a plea of misdemeanor assault and the other charges were dropped.

CBS’ comment on this most recent Sheen night on the town follows their usual pattern in regards to the renegade:

“No comment.”

For reasons that escape me Two and a Half Men has remained one of the most popular and lucrative sitcoms on television.  CBS’ most recent contract with cocaine Charlie pays him almost 2 million an episode. 

So should the viewing public continue to accept the fact that CBS shells out millions of dollars to a guilty assaulter of women that engages in the abuse of cocaine and pays for sex with ladies of the night?  Especially when this show is promoted as a family friendly affair?  If Sheen were an athlete you would have the world ready to tear him down and have him ex-communicated immediately.  Just ask Favre and his sexting about that.

I think it’s time that CBS at least admit that they knowingly profit from a habitual lawbreaker.  How about you?  Do Sheen’s discretions matter to you and does anyone out there actually watch Two and a Half Men!?!

As of this post it is reported that Sheen will be skipping out on any rehab and returning back to the set of Two and a Half Men to get back to making CBS serious bank.

Top Photo: Michael Jade/AdMedia