VIDEO JWoww responds to critics of Meilani’s Jersey Shore makeover

JWoww's daughter Meilani Jersey Shore makeover

Jenni “JWoww” Farley is one of the biggest reality stars on the planet, and a lot of that has to do with how open she is on screen (sometimes too open lol) and with her fans on social media. Since giving birth to daughter Meilani on July 13, she has continued that openness with fans by sharing numerous photos of Meilani, including the one above that JWoww tweeted on January 23 in which Meilani has obviously been given a silly Jersey Shore makeover.

The photo was part of a narrative string of photos starting with these two posted by proud pop Roger asking fans whether they thought Meilani looked more like mommy or daddy:

JWoww tweeted the top photo after the two above and captioned it, “I don’t know @RogerMathewsNJ, I think she’s starting to look more like mommy…”

The photo caused some backlash among fans and in the media, and JWoww used InTouch Weekly‘s marketing ploy for their article about it as a launching pad to go off on the detractors and explain that it was an innocent joke. “Do you think this star took it too far by giving her daughter fake boobs ‘like mommy’?” read InTouch‘s social media title along with the photo of Meilani and a link prefaced with “Click here to find out who did it.”

JWoww responded briefly at first on instagram. “Actually no I didn’t. It was a joke and in good fun so she can laugh when she’s older… Honestly shut the f*** up and mind Ur business. I would love b!tches to say this to my face.”

JWoww later further defended herself and the photos she and Roger share of Meilani in an interview with Perez TV and on her blog. “I think I got a lot of people loving the fact that Roger and I dress our daughter up and do fun, quirky things,” she said, adding “where I was dressing her up with little socks in her and chocolate on her face and spike her hair to make her look more like Roger.”

Here’s the clip:

She then explains that the problem she has is how media outlets market their stories about the photos in order to get a reaction. “It’s the wording,” she states. “The majority of the wording is, ‘Oh my God, this is so cute, blah, blah, blah’ and then you get Radar Online or you’ll get InTouch – which happened last night – that really just pushed me over the edge.”

JWoww says that Roger encourages her to ignore it all, but that’s something she is unable to do. “I’m like, ‘No.’” she says in response to Roger’s suggestion. “Their wording is disrespectful. It’s disrespectful because you’re probably not a parent.” She adds, “you’re just trying to get people riled up but you’re disrespecting me as a mother and you’re trying to question my ability as a mom. And I will come at you.”

JWoww, never one to back away from a fight (literally — as Jersey Shore viewers are aware), continues:

I have no problem calling these people out – to their face. That’s the other thing: it goes back to online bullying. You think you can say things because there’s no consequences. It’s cause you’re on a computer. I stand up for that and that’s why I try to teach all my fans and friends and hopefully, you know, Meilani will have the same backbone as I do. You just have to feel confident in what you do and yourself. Parenting skills or anything – you gotta own it! They p!ssed me off and I was making sure that they know that. It’s funny that they changed the article today. Vaginas. They’re like, ‘Oh, look how adorable Jenni did Meilani’s makeover.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s right, b!tch.’

As my gift to JWoww, here’s a little table-turning fun:

JWoww Meliani makeover photo InTouch controversy

I’ve been a huge JWoww fan ever since I first wrote about her waaaaaaaaay back in early January, 2010, and the thing I’ve always liked the most about her is how tough she is. Here’s a paragraph I wrote back in August of 2010:

One of my top five guilty pleasures on the show (Out of maybe 30. Well, 29, since they no longer have the duck phone) is the fact that I absolutely can’t help but find JWoww unbelievably attractive! It’s not just her good looks and overly inflated bustline, but it’s that danger element! Being in the same room with that estrogenic tour de force would instantly transform my modest self-image into Michael Cera-esque dweebdom as I eventually would build up the nerve to walk up to her and stutter, “M-m-m-miss JW-W-W-Woww? C-c-c-c-could I hav-vuh-vuh-vuh your autog-g-g-g-graph?” At which point she would turn around, look at me for all of 3 seconds, crumple me up and toss me in the trash bin.

Actually, I now realize she would probably happily give me her autograph, but you know what I meant. 😉 Anyways, can we please get back to just enjoying hilarious photos of Meilani please? Thank you…

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