Scott Disick recovering after alcohol poisoning hospitalization

Scott Disick Birthday 1OAK

Scott Disick took his birthday partying too far last month and wound up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning, Kardashian sources told TMZ this week.

In pictures from the event at 10ak nightclub in Southampton, the 31-year-old father seemed pretty disheveled, even though sources at the time said he stuck to beer and cigarettes. Insiders now say Scott drank “the harder stuff too” and was so inebriated he could barely put a sentence together… Leading concerned friends to take him to the ER, where doctors concluded Scott was suffering from “classic alcohol poisoning.”


At the time, Kourtney Kardashian was on the other side of the country to host niece North West’s first birthday in her backyard. She reportedly hoped that leaving her partner behind would be a “wake-up call,” which seems especially necessary now that they’re expecting a third child.

Although Scott’s penchant for liquor has been a relationship issue for a long time, sources said the situation worsened this year after he lost both of his parents in the span of a few months.

“He’s had an unimaginable year losing his parents,” a source told People in response to the news about Scott’s hospitalization. “There have been highs and lows, and he’s just doing his best trying to work through everything. He’s really making progress.”

Other insiders told TMZ Scott hasn’t had a drink since the incident and is also getting counseling from the family’s favorite pastor.

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