Scott Disick keeping his dating options open: Chris Brown, Amber Rose both remain viable options

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Recent Scott Disick dating rumors are as varied as the colors of the sky: over the past few weeks, Scott’s been the rumored lover of Kourtney Kardashian, Lina Sandberg, Chris Brown, and, now, Blac Chyna’s BFF Amber Rose. That’s right: if the latest Scott Disick dating reports are true, the Kardashians just turned two of their biggest haters into valuable celebrity allies…or saw two of its own turn traitor.

The rumor mill regarding Scott Disick dating possibilities got off to a fast start earlier this year, when news of Scott’s arrangement with six-foot Swedish model Lina Sandberg broke. His leggy entanglements with her were short-lived, though, and, for a moment, it looked like Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian might be back on–and then some. But a recent (and controversial) strip club outing sparked gossip that it was actually Chris Brown who had Scott’s ear…among other things.

This week, though, Kardashian dating news has been all about silent brother Rob getting together with Kylie Jenner’s nemesis and Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna. So it’s perhaps fitting that the current Scott Disick dating news involves one of Blac’s cohorts…

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…namely, Amber Rose, who sparked initial Scott Disick dating rumors thanks to an innocent follow on Instagram. What really got fans talking, though, was the weekend they spent partying together in Las Vegas–beginning with the quick trip out to that desert paradise that the pair took on Disick’s private plane. Rose has since denied the rumors–but fans were quick to note that she did so with a smile. ““I’m not following anyone to be corny, or start trouble–that’s not me,” Rose said, allegedly through a huge grin. “I’m simply just a fan of his.”

Added Amber, “2016 is positive vibes.”

Eagle-eyed observers have pointed out that Scott’s upcoming appearance on breakaway hit Kocktails With Khloe could hold more clues about what the future holds. The just-released teaser for the episode may provide a hint:

“I do [give] a little bit of the wrong impression, I think,” says Scott. “A lot of people think that I only care about money, or cars, and don’t realize it’s more about insecurities, and, like, how much I care about my friends and my family.

“I really would rather never be in a tabloid again,” Disick explained. “But, if I’m gonna be? At least it be about, like, this guy isn’t what everybody thinks he is.”


(Photo credits: Scott Disick dating via Instagram, Facebook)

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