Schenee Murry from My 600 Lb Life back in the hospital, claiming 250 pound weight loss

Schenee Murry now

The latest news from controversial My 600 Lb Life cast member Schenee Murry is something of a mixed bag, with plenty for both fans and skeptics. Schenee Murry now claims she’s lost over 250 pounds since her last weight loss update a few months ago. At the same time, though, her most recent public post actually came from a hospital bed, following a mysterious, undescribed procedure.

Schenee’s My 600 Lb Life debut was a notable one

Even in a season full of memorable highs and lows, Schenee’s debut during My 600 Lb Life Season 6 stood out. Her peak weight of 780 pounds made Schenee one of the heaviest cast members last year, but it was her frequent clashes with Dr. Nowzaradan that left an impression on viewers. Maybe Schenee’s most noteworthy moment was ordering a pizza for herself during a visit to Dr. Now’s office, only to have Dr. Now intercept the delivery and confront Schenee with the box.

By episode’s end, Schenee had not made any progress, and remained far from approval for weight loss surgery. And she aroused further viewer ire by launching a GoFundMe almost immediately after the episode aired. The $50,000 goal, which Schenee said she needed so she could “seek the help that I need and spread my TRUE story,” has been widely mocked — especially after the fundraiser was temporarily renamed “Freddie Hawkins Shoe Closet.” (Freddie, in cased you missed this episode, is Schenee’s husband.)

Schenee Murry now may be either healthier or in need of more help

Though Schenee has a Facebook page, most of her updates come via her YouTube channel. Schenee shared the most recent of these on December 30th. Though she sounds more or less normal and in good end-of-year spirits, Schenee filmed the short clip from her hospital bed, and only explained that she had undergone “a procedure.”

A much longer update from a few days earlier offered more new information. And, as we said above, whether you’re cheering or jeering Schenee, there’s plenty for you to check out.

Most prominently, Schenee Murry now says she’s gone from 780 to 522 pounds — or a total loss of about 258 pounds since production wrapped on her My 600 Lb Life episode. Her infamous GoFundMe (which is still active) made the same claim with *its* last update eight days ago. It’s worth noting, however, that the photo update on the GoFundMe page is just of the readout on a scale. The image doesn’t contain what’s standing on the scale — or, if it is Schenee, whether she was putting her full weight down.

(Also worth noting: Schenee’s GoFundMe, which had $5 of its $50,000 goal as of last April 11, is now up to $290.)

Beyond all that, Schenee has spent a great deal of time of late talking about the cyberbullying she’s suffered since her episode aired. To hear her tell it, Schenee has been the victim of a pretty steady stream of ridicule and ire over the last few months. But a new year means new changes — and Schenee now says that her tormentors are about to meet some divine justice:

Y’all bullied me for the last time. This 2019 coming up — and guess what? This is my year. This is the year for those that’s been bullied. For those that’s been in a struggle. For those that has nothing. Because [God] said ‘The last shall be first and the first shall be last.’ So all them bullies, all them family members that think they better than you? They ’bout to see a miraculous ending.

It looks like Schenee Murry now is free from her TLC contract

Whether or not Schenee really has lost 250 pounds from her peak weight, we can say one thing with reasonable certainty. TLC is notoriously strict when it comes to My 600 Lb Life spoilers. Almost all past and present cast members are strictly forbidden from sharing their post-episode weight on social media; often, this also means the cast is barred from sharing full-length (or even waist-up) photos.

So, if Schenee is sharing *any* information about her current weight, whether the information is accurate or not, she’s likely no longer under contract with TLC and My 600 Lb Life‘s production company. (Either that, or she’s sharing it in violation of her contract.) It’s therefore possible that we’ve seen the last of Schenee on the show. We’ll leave it up to you to celebrate or mourn that news.

You can stream Schenee’s Season 6 My 600 Lb Life episode here.

(Photo credits: Schenee Murry now via YouTube)

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