Giuliana Rancic finally addresses rumors about her weight… kind of


Rumors have been swirling for years regarding Giuliana Rancic’s weight. Some have questioned whether her weight loss is a result of her battle with cancer, an eating disorder, or just a genetically slim frame. Even though she’s always been slender, recently the mother of one has been looking scary skinny.

GR 4

Despite the rumors, G has always risen above it by not discussing the speculation… until now.

Giuliana was asked by Daily Mail Australia at the ASTRA Awards red carpet event yesterday how she deals with the buzz about her weight. “I think the best thing to do, honestly, is not even talk about it. You know? As long as you know the truth, that’s all that matters,” Giuliana said.

UPDATE: Giuliana revealed that she does not have an eating disorder, and that the weight loss was due to her cancer medication. “I have never had an eating disorder,” she told Samantha Guthrie on The Today Show. “I wanted to be very clear about that. In fact, I eat a lot. People always love to tweet: ‘Eat a burger.’ I eat burgers. It’s not working.

“I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight due to the cancer medication that I’m on,” she noted. “I was scared. I didn’t think this was great. I thought, ‘What the heck is happening to my body?’ …It’s very scary to have cancer, be on medication, then you start losing weight. I thought, ‘Oh my God, is my cancer back?'”


Below are a couple of pictures of Giuliana from back in 2010. You can see that G’s face looks fuller and she rockin’ more curves.

Giuliana Rancic 2010

GR 3

The E! host has faced some major challenges over the last few years. Between her infertility struggles, battle with breast cancer, and losing her friend and co-host Joan Rivers, maybe it makes sense that she has dropped a few lbs.

Do you think the speculation over Giuliana’s weight is fair or should everyone just lay off?



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