BREAKING AMISH Jeremiah Raber engaged, wedding is April 16 in Vancouver

Jeremiah Raber fiancee Carmela Rogers Mendez

I realize that when a show goes an entire year between seasons a lot can happen, but I never would have guessed a year would be long enough for this to happen! Breaking Amish: Return To Amish bad boy Jeremiah Raber is getting married! Like next week!

The news won’t come as a huge shock to devoted fans of Jeremiah as he has been documenting his romance and engagement on social media for months. So who is the bride to be? Her name is Carmela Mendez (she also goes by Carmela Rogers) and she is a 34-year-old mother of four who lives in Vancouver, Washington. Carmela is quite pleasing on the eyes (she reminds me of actress Linda Cardellini back in her Freaks and Geeks days), and many of Jeremiah’s fans have even questioned whether she is actually younger than she claims.

UPDATE – They did it! Click here to see the first wedding photo of Jeremiah (in a suit!) and bride Carmela looking damned lovely in her white dress and veil!

Here is a video slideshow of Carmela and Jeremiah photos:

One thing that seems to verify Carmela’s age is that her oldest son is 17 — and his girlfriend is currently pregnant! Yes, that’s right, Jeremiah is going to be a step-grandpa! Maybe now he can skype with Mama Mary and commiserate over the trials and tribulations of being a grandparent. 😉

Jeremiah, 36, and Carmela met via Facebook and they conversed for hours via the site before finally meeting up in person. Jeremiah later moved in with Carmela in her Vancouver home, and the two announced their engagement in early January.

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The wedding is Saturday, April 16 in Vancouver, and it is believed that some of Jeremiah’s Return To Amish co-stars will be in attendance. Jeremiah set up a Paypal account for donations and they also have a wedding registry set up with

As you might imagine, Carmela has been contacted by numerous fans of the show with warnings about Jeremiah’s troubled relationship history, but she seems undeterred. “There isn’t anything you say or do that will scare us or make us feel any different about Jeremiah,” Carmela wrote on Facebook in late January. “Just know we ain’t going anywhere and you don’t have to waste your time anymore. So PLEASE just quit with the negativity and let us be. People make mistakes in life but we do have the opportunity to make life right.”

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber

Judging from his numerous Periscope videos over the last five months or so, Jeremiah and Carmela seem VERY happy together. So, of course, we wish them both nothing but the best! And speaking of his Periscope videos, that is by far the best way to keep up with him and Carmela — just click here and give him a follow.

There is no word yet if Jeremiah’s relationship with Carmela will be included in the new season of Return To Amish, which is set to return some time in July (according to Rebecca Schmucker on Twitter). Normally, it would seem a bit absurd for an engagement and wedding to be excluded from a reality series, but the Breaking Amish franchise is pretty notorious for leaving out some pretty major things — like previous marriages, children, etc. I’m guessing we will know one way or the other when the trailer for the new season drops.

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