Rihanna regurgitates during ‘What’s My Name,’ blasts ‘tighty whitey’ wearing racist

Pop superstar Rihanna is still out dominating the globe on her LOUD world tour but she recently had an all around rough night during her stop in Lisbon, Portugal.

During her performance of “What’s My Name,” RiRi had to run off stage to throw up! She’s a gamer though as indicated via a tweet that verified she returned just in time for the next song:

“Portugal tonight was legendary! I ran off stage to throw up, half way thru What’s My Name… Made it back just in time for Rude Boy.”

After that craziness Rihanna had a run in with a racist man at her hotel and like she’s known to do she let him have it and then shared the incident with her fans. Here are her tweets (with a smidgen of censoring) about all that:

The fact that she had to deal with that BS is no laughing matter but she got me chuckling when she called dude out for being in his “Tighty whiteys.” I’m guessing Rihanna will try and forget her night in Lisbon as her successful tour winds down to its conclusion. She’s got a three-night-stand at London’s 02 Arena on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Photo: Sean Thorton/WENN.COM

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