BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Paul Staehle slept in his car with his dogs after fight with parents

Before the 90 Days star Paul Staehle struggled with the living conditions in his wife Karine’s home village on the Amazon River, but Wednesday night he found things potentially even more difficult in his hometown in Kentucky after he had a falling out with his parents and had to stay the night in his car with his dogs in freezing weather!

“Last night I got into a huge fight with my parents,” Paul began a series of identical posts made on multiple social media platforms. “I heard my dogs so I went outside,” he continues, before describing the damage from severe weather in his parents’ yard:

Large tree limbs were everywhere. Wire was knocked out between the garage and house. My poor dogs scared covered in ice in fear. The garage has a heated furnace because it was my dads old work shop. I asked if I could put my dogs in the heated garage until the storm past in my extra large steel kennel. They said no did not care if dogs froze to death. Dogs were crying ice on their fur.

So I did the most humane thing. I went out heated up my car. Took a towel drying off the water and ice. Staying up all night until sunrise. I collected all the large branches in the yard and removed the cables laying on the ground tree knocked over. Limbs fell where my dogs normally lay. If I had not done the limbs alone probably would of killed them. My dogs have never been so grateful. I stayed with them in the car until sunrise and freezing rain was finishing up.

[For some reason, Paul’s autocorrect substituted “limps” for “limbs,” so I just made the correction for clarity’s sake.]

Paul continues by expressing his concerns for the well being of his dogs because he plans to return to Brazil soon to help Karine prepare for her first trip to the United States. “Karine and me are both very sad over this,” Paul says. “I fear for my dogs’ well being when I travel. Hopefully a trainer I have been talking to can help board them until my return. But right now they are at full capacity. And my budget is tight. We only are asking for prayers me and Karine love our dogs dearly but they can not travel back to Brazil with me easily so I need to figure out something soon.”

You may recall that Paul had some issues traveling with his rather large dogs when he returned from Brazil, resulting in an Uber ride from Chicago to Louisville that set him back hundreds of dollars. Paul had previously posted a U.S. P.O. box for people to send things for Karine, but he pointed out that whatever was sent needed to be delivered by November 30, so I am guessing that is when he plans on leaving Louisville to head back to Brazil.

Here are a couple of videos and a photo posted by Paul in which you can see the dogs asleep in his car as well as the rather startling weather conditions:

As you might have guessed, Paul’s posts elicited numerous responses from people concerned about his pets, including his Before the 90 Days co-star (and fellow Louisville resident), David Toborowsky. “I bet they miss the dog days of summer,” David joked initially, adding: “??? Too cold here.” David then followed up with some potential assistance. “Paul there are dog hotels here in town I think pet suites has a place.”

In addition to people expressing concerns for the dogs, there were a lot of comments expressing concern (or condemnation) over the uncleanliness of the interior of Paul’s car. Here are some of the comments and Paul’s reactions:

COMMENT: Are we gonna ignore the garbage in the car? Cause I can’t. I understand the dog tho g

PAUL: I agree car needs cleaned out before I went back to Brazil I was having to pack stuff for work around and drived to varies locations. I should have cleaned it out before I left or as soon as I got back.

COMMENT: What the f**k. That is a sh*t hole car

PAUL: you should see the outside of it. But it is warm and dry

COMMENT: omfg to the garbage and fast food. You b*tched about your wife being a pig??? ummm lol

PAUL: I should have cleaned the car before I left or as soon as I got back. I was working a lot out of my car before I left. I rarely use that car.

COMMENT: Is the baby going to keep warm in there too ? ??‍♀️

PAUL: Baby will never be out in the cold.

We reached out to Paul and he explained to us that it was his plan to get his own place after he and Karine returned from Brazil. It sounds like things are still a little up in the air until then — especially in regards to his dogs while he is away. We certainly wish the best for all the Staehles, including the ones with four legs! We will update if we hear any more definite developments regarding their situations.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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