BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Rachel and Jon update: still saving for visa, doing the show was a ‘blessing’

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Rachel and Jon update

Before the 90 Days Season 2 couple Rachel and Jon Walters are still together — and still apart. The polarizing couple are still working towards getting Jon a visa so he can leave England and come to the United States. Unfortunately for the husband and wife, that may not happen any time soon.

“If you’re only following me to hear an update on our visa status, you’ll be waiting a good 3 years,” Rachel posted on her Instagram story on Friday. It’s unclear exactly what the hold up is, although Rachel has stated numerous times that they are still saving up money to pay for the expensive process. Given that the two are already married, that means they will more than likely be applying for a CR-1 spousal visa, which is a little different than the K-1 visa that fans of 90 Day Fiance are familiar with.

Three years seems like a very long time, though. By comparison, Jon and Rachel’s Before the 90 Days co-star Karine Staehle has reportedly received her visa already, and the couple couldn’t have applied more than a year and a half ago. Of course, each country and each couple’s situation is different.

Despite Jon’s relocation to the US being a few years away at best, the two still get to see each other roughly twice a year. Rachel made the trip to England back in December, and the couple shared numerous photos together during their brief reunion:

As with all the alumni of a 90 Day Fiance show, Jon and Rachel get asked the same questions a lot. Rachel took to Instagram in February to address some of those, which included questions about Jon’s immigration status, Rachel’s oldest daughter Ella, and the infamous scene from the show in which Jon was not there at the airport to meet Rachel. Here is a bullet point recap of Rachel’s responses to those frequently asked questions:

Yes, she and Jon are still happily married, but he still lives in England.

They are still saving money to pay for the visa process.

Rachel will not move to the United Kingdom because she shares custody of her older daughter with her daughter’s father, and Rachel refuses to move out of the country without her. (This is a topic we have posted about before.)

Jon moving to Canada instead of the United States isn’t a solution because “they have their rules as well” and “it’s not that easy.”

Jon and Rachel’s oldest daughter have “a great relationship,” despite having never met in person.

Rachel doesn’t share her oldest daughter’s face on social media because she wasn’t on the show, and it is Rachel and her daughter’s father’s wish to “keep her identity private.”

Jon didn’t meet Rachel at the airport when she arrived in England for the first time because producers could not film there. So, in order to capture the couple’s actual first meeting for the show, they met under the clock at Paddington Station. Rachel says she was unaware about the filming restriction ad the change in plans until after she and Jon met up.

Despite evidence that the couple had a GoFundMe campaign prior to their appearance on the show, Rachel says fans will not be seeing one from them in the future. “We’d rather give back to people who want to help, which is why we’re doing Cameos (a personal shout out to whoever you want, with any message you want) and selling merchandise on our website,” Rachel explains.

Jon and Rachel are one of the most polarizing couples to be featured on any of the 90 Day Fiance shows, and they have managed to inspire armies of avid supporters and haters. Rachel recently shared a message for those soldiers comprising the latter:

If you’re here to keep tabs on our journey and to watch our little family flourish, thank you.

To all of the vial [sic] creatures, who say nasty viscous [sic] things to strangers for no reason whatsoever, and then claim to be human beings, this one is for you. THANK YOU!!

I’ve always seen little cliché posts about remembering to say something kind to someone every day because you never know what they’re going through. Granted, I’m not depressed in any sense, but a kind message from someone I’ve never met, has never meant so much to me, until this past year. I’ve learned SO much about kindness and judging and how not to have an opinion on something so quickly, ever since this show. It’s been a real blessing, honestly.

People may be cruel and disgusting, but you have not hurt me. In fact, you’ve made me a better and much happier, person with an entirely new perspective on people and life.

So thanks and nice try. Ta ta!

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Rachel quote

After Rachel’s text graphic post was shared by John Yates, she responded to numerous commenters — including this interaction:

COMMENT: ? ? you’re too sweet. I think I love you right back. I can’t be the only one who gets it can I? Jeez!

RACHEL: Nah, we have much more love than hate. It just blows my mind how people speak to others. I’ll never understand.

COMMENT: It’s because it’s too acceptable. This thing (ig) is just a conduit.

RACHEL: If it ever happened to them, they’d all change their opinions on how they treat people. As if people going on TV makes all less human. No one would be this cruel if it weren’t for TV.. They think we ‘deserve’ the abuse, because we went on television.. Karma is a b*tch. What goes around, comes around. I’m happier than I’ve ever been because of those C**TS.. Yep.. I said a Jon word.. ?

Speaking of “using a Jon word,” Rachel’s bearded beau also contributed to the comments section, and he brought his trademark potty mouth with him:

JON: Troll are haters are mutmongs . Rotten f**knuts who absolutely hate the fact we are happily in love while their own love live is wreck and that we won’t tolerate the dumbf**kery on our social media. #inventingcusswords

COMMENT: [Talking about Jon and Rachel] That’s like their thing tho… That’s all they ever do is talk sh*t about their haters… They love it… Why else would they use all that energy doing so?

JON: you’ve got a lovely photo of you holding a baby ill presume your a loving mother – how much effort word you put into if someone attacked you as a mother wrote that Some one should kidnap your baby because your a terrible mom- made up lies about your husband claimed you were a fraud- saying you only had the baby to get benefits, . You’d probably says “ oh I’d just ignore it “ you have zero idea what they would be 200 times a week indifferent ways from saying your husband is a paedo to saying you’re a jobless wh*re- some might ask to asking why you didn’t use a condom to – telling you someone f**ked your husband. It’s easy for you to think we love it – but I assure you we don’t and neither would you.

COMMENT: great response!! It made me sad that you always took the defensive and immediately attacked ppl but thank you for holding it together and getting the point across maturely ??

JON: it should make you sad that people would attack a happy in love couple who have never wronged each other or anyone else – who have huge obstacles and hardships without having to defend ourselves, and our family from the sh*t eating scumbag of the world

COMMENT: it does however I’m a believer in rising above the hate and not to attack back. You’re better than that. When someone says something attacking me I don’t even respond. I know I’m living my best life. I don’t need to try an convince others to TRY and be nice. If you keep responding it just keeps the cycle going. Be strong and laugh it off ?

JON: you’re wrong – put on your rose tinted glasses and ignore the trolls the same way so many used to ignore racism or sexism or xenophobia. it’s not the job of a victim to ignore it – it’s society job to stand up for what’s what’s right- See, we all mostly accepts hate for rAce gender religion is disgusting and should never be acceptable but attacking some for a million other reasons memes, hate pages is ok and it up to those under attacks to allow it . I was brought up better The only thing good people need to do for evil to succeed is ‘nothing ‘ you carry ignore your zero haters and I’ll carry on putting them in their place

We’ve been told that Rachel and Jon continued to film with TLC after their season of Before the 90 Days concluded, but we cannot confirm whether or not they will be back for the next season of Before the 90 Days (or any other 90 Day Fiance show). The fact that Jon’s visa may be three years away at best would certainly seem to put a damper on any potential for the couple to be back on TLC any time soon.

Either way, we will continue to follow their journey, and we will be sure to continue to update our readers! (If there happened to be a baby as a result of Rachel’s trip in December, it’s getting about that time where we might find out. Just sayin’!)

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