VIDEOS An intimate peek into Chloë Sevigny’s closet

Chloe Sevigny shows us her closet space

I have to confess that I have some big love for Big Love’s Chloë Sevigny. The model turned actress is sexy, talented, funny and was consistently amazing as the frustrated fundamentalist polygamist Nicolette Grant in the aforementioned HBO drama.

Opening Ceremony has just released the second part of a video series in which Chloë discusses the ins and outs of her wardrobe and life. I think it’s a great peek in to the interesting world of one of the real envelope pushing actresses we have. Here is part one that includes, of all things, the bunny ears from Gummo designed by Sevigny herself:

I really love her closet space. It has that narrow stairway with shelves packed full of fashion and memories. Really cool. And hey, I found it noteworthy that Chloë enjoyed shopping at S&M stores in L.A.

For part 2 we get the full reveal of her with Kate Moss during her younger modeling days as well as:

-> A unique dress Sevigny had designed and fitted specifically for her that she tore later while dancing.

-> Discovering her addiction to black boots that began because she couldn’t afford Dock Martins (I fell ya’ girl).

-> Seeing her favorite personal item, the Elvis jacket she bought that was featured in her favorite film, Out of the Blue.

Thanks to Chloë and to Opening Ceremony for this fun look at Sevigny’s closet. This got me to thinking, if you could pick one celeb to be featured revealing their wardrobe and closet secrets like this who would it be?

Here’s a cap of the pic of Chloë and Moss together for Mui Mui:

And just in case Sevigny sees this, here is the official trailer for Out of the Blue directed by Dennis Hopper in which we get to see her most prized possession in action on Linda Manz:

I’m going to have to check that film out!

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