RHOP Is Ashley Darby dating Winter House’s Luke Gulbranson or is it already over?

On December 20, 2022 RHOP’s Ashley Darby raised eyebrows when she posted a photo of herself with Winter House/Summer House‘s Luke Gulbranson. After her split from husband Michael Darby, with whom she shares two kids, viewers seem excited to see Ashley moving on. The charming picture has now been taken down, however.

“I didn’t know I missed snow so much!” Ashley wrote in an Instagram caption of a photo of her and Luke hanging out in his home state. “Thank you for showing me the beauty of Minnesota!”

“Ok so is this your boyfriend?” Ashley’s RHOP fellow cast mate Robyn Dixon wanted to know immediately. Unfortunately, Ashley didn’t answer.

Ashley and Luke have just met this past October at the 2022 Bravocon, so the relationship is still pretty new.

Since they met, though, they’ve been spending a lot of time together going to hockey and football games and hanging out with his family.

“Meeting Luke’s family and his friends has also been really cool,” Ashley said on the December 19, 2022 episode of the Mention It All podcast. “It’s nice. I mean, I miss my kids, but aside from that, I’m having a really good time.”

Something must have happened, though, to inspire Ashley to take down the romantic image. Maybe it was too much heat on them too soon in the relationship? Or is the budding romance over before it’s properly begun?

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