RHONJ’s Rosie Pierri before and after weight loss photos

Rosie Pierri RHONJ

When Real Housewives of New Jersey returns to Bravo later this month, don’t be surprised if you do a double-take when you first see Rosie Pierri: The “Friend of the Housewives” is down an impressive 30 pounds!

“It’s always been a struggle for my whole life,” Rosie told NJ.com last winter. “I got thin and then things happen, life happens and you gain weight. I started about six years ago on this path so it’s been taking awhile for me.”

Rosie explained she finally found a way to sustain a healthy weight by quitting smoking, working out and learning to eat healthy. In the beginning, she got help from the PhatBurn team. The 60-day program provides balanced, calorie-controlled meal and personal trainers to keep participants active.

During the PhatBurn program last September.

Since the two-month program ended, Rosie’s been keeping up work with a personal trainer and has been boxing with her cousin Sal. She also started a new 90-day Body By Vi challenge last month.

Rosie Pierri and Kathy Wakile

Still, she admits it’s been a long process and has required a lot of patience.

“It’s not an overnight thing. The best thing is to lose it slowly, just keep it off, eat right and exercise,” Rosie said earlier this year. “And if you slip up a little bit because everyone want’s to cheat, you’re allowed to have a cheat meal. But the thing is the next day you have to get right back to it and stick to it.”

Rosie Pierra 2014
Rosie and niece Victoria in June.

See what else Rosie has to say about her weight loss on this season of RHONJ. It premieres on Bravo on Sunday, July 13 at 8/7c.

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