RHOBH Did Erika Girardi wear a wire for the case against Tom Girardi?

Erika Jayne has previously hinted that she might be working with the government in a case during an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this year. Because of the multi-million dollar embezzlement allegations against her husband Tom Girardi, some people assumed she was talking about working with the feds against Tom. Now, a lawyer who’s investigating her is backing up her claims, but says the case were she wore a wire for the government was a much different case where she was a victim of credit card fraud.

During Episode Two of the current season that’s airing, which debuted in May, 2021, Erika revealed while playing a Two Truths and a Lie game with the girls that she had worn a wire and been a witness in a government case.

Erika’s statement about wearing a wire in the Two Truths and a Lie game was filmed before she filed for divorce from Tom, which was in November 2020, and before a federal judge froze Tom’s assets in December 2020 because the judge found Tom had “misappropriated at least $2 million in client funds that were due to the families of those killed” in the Boeing 737 MAX Lion Air Flight 610 crash in Indonesia. It’s not known how much she knew about what was coming down the pipeline for Tom at the time she shared this tidbit.

“She’s no longer working with the government on this case as a witness,” attorney Ronald Richards, said on the Up and Adam Live! Thursday, September 30, 2021. “In this case, basically there were some [credit card] charges that were disputed and Erika somehow became a victim and someone else got charged as a result of her statements and she was going to be a witness in the case. She wore a wire. She cooperated in the case to basically, where she contended that she was a victim of some sort of credit card offense but now that case has been dismissed.”

Ronald Richards, who is investigating Erika Jayne for a trustee who is controlling Tom Girardi’s finances, says that Erika’s “admissions made on a reality show” drew his attention to finding out what she was talking about. “The credit card company returned the money years ago to Erika, so it just made no sense, and then she brought it up out of the blue on May 26, 2021, and it just was a disturbing series of events that now it seems justice was rectified.”

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