Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes make ‘peace’ for son Jake’s birthday, pose for smiling selfie together

Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes make peace for son Jake's birthday, is the feud over?

One of the most contentious feuds in the history of super-famous, super-sexy blonde women may be over as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Brandi Glanville and singer LeAnn Rimes do the unthinkable and pose for a joyful Instagram selfie together!

The momentous snap was posted by Brandi, who revealed in the caption that the cease fire was in honor of Brandi and ex (LeAnn’s current husband) Eddie Cibrian’s son Jake’s eleventh birthday party. “Peace in #calabasturd,” Brandi joked, adding: “hanging for Jakes bday❤️”

Here’s the historical image:

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville pose together for selfie, making peace in honor of son Jake's birthday

LeAnn didn’t share the selfie on social media, but she did post a photo with Jake wishing him a happy birthday:

I should point out that there have been ceasefires in the Brandi/LeAnn feud before, including one in honor of a kid’s birthday. But celebridom’s version of the Middle East have always found some way to reignite their war with each other. (Click here for a complete timeline of Brandi Glaville and LeAnn Rimes’ feud up until November of 2012.)

As a matter of fact, LeAnn seemed to poke a stick at Brandi with her most recent tweet pointing out that she has another celebration coming up this weekend — her seven-year anniversary with husband Eddie Cibrian:

So far, there has been no escalation from Brandi.

In case you were unaware of what started the whole Brandi/LeAnn feud, that goes back to 2009 when Brandi was still married to actor Eddie Cibrian. Eddie was co-starring with LeAnn in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights, and during filming the two began an affair. The affair would end Eddie and LeAnn’s marriages and the two would end up getting married on April 22, 2011. Of course, all of this played out ad nauseam in the media.

Hopefully these two ladies have finally found lasting peace, but only time will tell. Either way, kudos to them both for putting their differences aside for Jake’s big day.

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