REPORT Kanye West wants wedding soon, lawsuit imminent for YouTube co-founder who leaked video


Don’t know if you heard, but Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got engaged… Okay so everyone knows, and as photos and brief images began to leak from the question popping it became clear just how over-the-top the production was.

TMZ is reporting that insiders close to the situation are stating that Kanye is ready to get married sooner than later and wants a short engagement. Considering it’s Yeezus and the way he went about proposing it shouldn’t be a surprise that their sources also indicated that the anticipated big day will be a “blow out.”

While tidbits were shared here and there from the proposal, there is now a full video that’s been leaked of the moment when Kanye got down on one knee and Kim said “Yes” in the middle of AT&T Park. The person who posted the clip knows a thing or two about online videos… His name is Chad Hurley and he’s the co-founder of YouTube. Chad tweeted, “So this happened last night. Congrats Kim & Kanye,” and then linked to this:

According to TMZ, Kimye is furious with the video being posted and shared and that a lawsuit is imminent because Hurley was required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a guest of the event. Something tells me Hurley can afford it, and oh yeah, MixBit is Hurley’s new collaborative video app…

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