REPORT Josh & Anna Duggar’s marriage in trouble as she prepares to birth baby #5

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We’re just a few days out from the arrival of Anna Duggar’s fifth child (she’s in her 40th week of pregnancy), which means the rumors of her marital problems are starting to gain traction once again. This time, just a couple of weeks after estranged husband Josh sparked speculation that he was back in sex rehab, comes a report from In Touch suggesting that Josh & Anna Duggar’s marriage is in trouble (though the extent to which it ever healed is questionable).

The report claims that the two are “trying desperately to salvage their troubled relationship” before baby #5 arrives. According to an anonymous insider, “They have continued to work through their issues in couples counseling,” and are “doing OK”–but “their marriage is secretly holding on by a thread.”

It’s not clear, based on the wording of the report, if the last quote comes directly from the insider or was inferred by the writer. However, the insider did address the secrecy of Josh & Anna Duggar’s marriage ever since Josh’s scandals, confirming that the two “put on a front” and that if their relationship were still distressed, “we wouldn’t know about it.”

The In Touch article comes hot on the heels of an Inquisitr report noting that the pair’s four kids have gone across the Duggar compound to live with their grandparents ahead of their newest sibling’s arrival. And that detail follows last week’s hot gossip, which was that Jana Duggar had been helping raise the four of them in secret so that Josh and Anna could devote more time and energy to their marriage.

It may also be worth pointing out that the articles about Jana’s help raising Josh & Anna’s kids furthered speculation that Josh was still up in Rockford IL for his super-secret second round of sex rehab. And he still may! The Duggars certainly rival the Kardashians for secrecy and gossip-spinning, and the tendency has only increased since Josh blew a pair of huge holes in the family yacht.

(Photo credits: Josh & Anna Duggar’s marriage via Twitter)

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