Courtney Stodden’s ‘Mistletoe Bikini’ Christmas music video is here

Courtney Stodden Mistletoe Bikini

If you’re looking for something a bit more racy than eggnog to spice up your Christmas holiday season then Courtney Stodden has just what you need! The 22-year-old reality star and singer has just released her yuletide music video “Mistletoe Bikini” in which she puts the X back in X-mas and essentially molests Santa Claus, who doesn’t seem to mind because he is married to the worst representation of Mrs. Claus ever created.

Here’s the video — see how many innuendos you can count!

So, how can that not become an instant holiday classic? I’m sure it will be added to every caroling group’s repertoire as they go door-to-door joyfully singing “I know you’re fat and all, but you can slide down my chimney any time…”

UPDATE – You can download a copy of “Mistletoe Bikini for just 99 cents for a limited time from

Oh, and here’s a screen grab of Mrs. Claus — who looks more like Mrs. Grinch:

Mistletoe Bikini Mrs. Claus

In case you were wondering what the inspiration for the music video was, Courtney spoke with Fox News late last week to explain. “‘Mistletoe Bikini’ is basically a song about how I’ve always had a crush on Santa Claus ever since I was a little girl,” Stodden told FOX411. “The song [and video] is about my crush and you know, maybe a little later in the video we have an affair behind Mrs. Claus’ back. It’s fun and it’s really catchy.”

Courtney Stodden Mistletoe Bikini music video

The “Mistletoe Bikini” music video isn’t the first time Courtney has acted out her Santa fetish — you might recall her photo shoot a few years back in which she inspired numerous North Pole and “ho ho ho” jokes:

And here’s another not SFW-ish photo from that shoot it which it appears as though old St. Nick is about to do what Courtney continuously asks for in the music video.

All I want to know is when are we going to get that Christmas With Courtney Hallmark special!?

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