REPORT Is Derick Dillard cheating on his wife?

Is Derick Dillard cheating 2

Thanks to a whole lot of viewer speculation and a reputation for calamity, Derick Dillard has fans and detractors alike wondering whether he’s cheating on his wife Jill on the DL and then trying to cover his tracks by tweeting out subliminal messages about infidelity.

As Inquisitr recently pointed out, Derick first stoked the fires of cheating gossip by sharing a video of himself “partying and dancing with the international students from his church’s college ministry” while his wife, who is pretty much always by his side and is also the reason he has an audience at all, “was nowhere to be seen.”

Here’s that particular clip:

The timing of the post also came into question, since it came shortly after this…

Is Derick Dillard cheating September 22

…and a few days before this pair:

Is Derick Dillard cheating October 6

Is Derick Dillard cheating October 7

(Uncharacteristically, Derick neglected to attribute chapter and verse to his October 7th tweet. It’s Proverbs 7:4-5, in case you were wondering.)

Those social media updates are hardly smoking guns for the man Hollywood Gossip recently said is “trying to take over the title of Worst Duggar Family Member.” But, as In Touch helpfully reminded us, Derick’s thoughts appeared to start straying a little earlier this autumn, when the evils of masturbation were on his mind:

Is Derick Dillard cheating masturbation

There’s also this peculiar tweet, which, when taken in sequence with the updates above, appears to endorse what Louis CK once called “kneading it down until it goes away”:

Is Derick Dillard cheating September 26 final

Then, as speculation began to build, Jill took to Instagram with an update presumably intended to prove that she and Derick’s marriage is fine and dandy and never better:

In short, while there’s still only speculation and gossip about Derick Dillard cheating, it looks like the 28-year-old still is still giving TLC execs plenty of reason to worry that he’s becoming a Josh Duggar-level headache for their marketing department. After all, he’s also begun taking shots at the transgender community again:

(Photo credits: Is Derick Dillard cheating via Twitter, Instagram)

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