REPORT First pic of Kirk Frost’s alleged baby, plus major new revelations: Is Jasmine Washington lying about everything?

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s biggest Season 6 storyline is that Kirk Frost allegedly had a baby behind Rasheeda’s back with a woman named Jasmine Washington. Over the past week, this single story has bifurcated, as reports claiming that Kirk both is and is not the father have emerged and appeared to gain credence. But at the center of each of the stories is a single question: Is Jasmine Washington lying about her baby daddy’s true identity?

Yesterday, an In Touch article, picked up by BET, suggested that Jasmine completely made up the story about Kirk. The anonymous source attached to that story claims that baby Kannon’s real father is a man named Logan, who’s been Jasmine’s boyfriend for 11 years. Logan’s father, who recently passed away, was named Cannon; apparently, Rod Bullock, Jasmine’s boyfriend on LHHATL (and alleged pimp in real life) came up with the idea to name the baby Kannnon with a “K,” in order to direct attention toward Kirk.

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But last night, a major new report by gossip-masters Fameolous appeared to answer the “Is Jasmine Washington lying” question once and for all. Fameolous’ three separate articles on the topic appear to confirm that Kirk really is Kannon’s father, and come complete with an alleged photo of baby Kannon shortly after he was born, supposedly at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital Women’s Center last July.

First up is a two-minute video clip said to be of Kirk talking to Jasmine about financial arrangements for the baby. In the clip, the woman asks the man for another $3,000 and the man says he’s getting more money together, while also acknowledging that he’s already given some. The clip was apparently leaked by Rasheeda’s niece, who claims she got the audio through working with Rod and that Rasheeda has been trying to keep her from coming forward and spilling the tea.
“Kirk and Rasheeda hired Logan to say he was the father,” the niece, who claims to be Rob’s assistant, says. “True enough Logan and Jasmine had a relationship but that was over in 2014.”

The second article features a series of text messages allegedly between Kirk and an anonymous woman. The woman claims that she’s “been with” Kirk for four years–though she doesn’t say whether the two are merely friends or she’s another side chick, her use of the phrase “been with” would appear to suggest that they’re lovers. According to the article, the woman claims LHHATL’s “producers have been in contact with her for three years.”

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The third article features the first full Kirk Frost alleged baby Kannon photo. There’s no way to identify the baby otherwise, and the face of the person holding the baby is cut off, but, judging by the large hoop earrings the person’s wearing, it’s likely not Kirk. And a comment beneath the photo appears to come from Jasmine’s IG handle, though it could have been Photoshopped in (and ultimately wouldn’t prove that the child is hers or Kirk’s):

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Finally, a separate, since-deleted Instagram update from Fameolous shows what is apparently supposed to be a bill for a purse, reportedly given to Jasmine, made out to Kirk. The bill says “Mr. Kirk Frost” at the bottom, and any other identifying marks, such as the location or date of purchase, are left off, so it’s impossible to know for sure that the document wasn’t simply invented:

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According to the first “Is Jasmine Washington lying” story, Rod will be shocked later this season when Logan emerges and confronts he and Jasmine, and Jasmine will try to keep him from talking before her story falls apart. If the story doesn’t start moving toward such a confrontation, we might have our first indication that Jasmine is actually telling the truth, and that Kirk is Kannon’s father.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Is Jasmine Washington lying via Instagram, Fameolous)

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