LINKS! Thandie Newton nude, Bella Hadid mostly clothed, Scientology fully exposed…

28th Annual Producers Guild Awards - Arrivals

THE BLEMISHThandie Newton prefers acting in the nude to wearing sexist costumes

THE SUPERFICIALBella Hadid looks like she wants to be Alyson Reed in A Chorus Line

VOXDonald Trump’s media surrogates gave a judge more than enough ammo to shoot down Travel Ban 2.0

UPROXXHere are a bunch of really good ideas Warner Brothers could use for the Matrix reboot (such as not just remaking it)

DLISTEDLeah Remini’s going to milk this anti-Scientology thing for at least another year

VERY SMART BROTHASDuke fandom: The true March Madness

JEZEBELNow Richard Simmons’ brother wants everyone to know that Richard Simmons is indeed both fine and dandy

REALITY TEAKenya Moore is shocked–shocked!–that one of her RHOA castmates might have an issue with her

CELEBITCHYKylie and Tyga are determined to die together

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