Real Housewives’ Sonja Morgan files bankruptcy; owes $20 million

Sonja Morgan bankruptcy

Say it isn’t so! The lovable Sonja Morgan, who added a slight dose of sanity to the explosive Real Housewives of New York is filing for bankruptcy because she is almost $20 million in debt! (Via Us Weekly)

She states in bankruptcy documents:

“The decision to seek bankruptcy was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life.”

This is pretty surprising because she is pretty recently divorced from a JP Morgan heir. It’s also rather shocking because most Real Housewives of New York are pretty savvy about money management.

The bulk of Morgan’s debt (which is about $19.8 million) is coming from a failed movie venture with Hannibal Pictures Inc. She was producing as movie under Sonja Productions called Fast Flash Bang Time. The movie was supposed to star John Travolta, but she claims she had to scrap the movie because  the mega-movie star required “various conditions” that Sonja Productions was unable to meet.

Earlier reports about this project say the movie was called The Marsh, and starred Forrest Whittaker. Either way, the film was never made and Hannibal Pictures sued and won a $7 million case against her because of the broken business deal.

This has been quite a crazy year for Sonja. In June she got a DWI for drinking and driving during memorial day festivities, and in early 2010 she was trapped on Scary Island.

Sonja joined Real Housewives to be a marketing platform for future business ventures. She has expressed interest in writing novels and toaster oven cookbooks.

We still love ya Sonja: boozy, broke, whatevs! Start writin’ those books, Real Housewives fans will buy them (maybe not 20 million of them.)