VIDEO: Anita “Lautner” is Twilight’s biggest fan


Moviefone is currently running a contest to determine the biggest Twilight fan.  They have requested video submissions from folks asking that they show and explain why they are the #1 Twi-hard on Earth.  Fans are allowed to vote up or down for their favorite and the winner will receive a t-shirt and more importantly global bragging rights.

All of this seems harmless enough until you see the following video submitted by one young Anita.  She calls herself Anita “Lautner,” but during the clip she mentions being written up in the Miami Herald and I found an article about obsessed Twilight fans that included a 15-year-old Anita in the story.

As of this post Anita is second in voting but anyone who watches her full video submittal will be certain of two things.  This young lady HAS to be the biggest Twi-hard on the planet and she is way over the top obsessed with everthing that is Twilight.  Here’s Anita Lautner’s submittal:

Here is the description of the video as provided by Anita:

Please vote for me as America’s #1 Twihard in Moviefone’s contest!!! I don’t love twilight because of abs, or hair. Twilight’s the first thing i think of when waking up each morning, and almost every thought i have throughout the day involves Twilight. I ran after Michael Welch’s car in the middle of a busy street. I love it more than my own life, and would literally give up my life for any member of the cast any day. Twilight is like my own world, no one understands me and says that I am crazy, need help, and have OTD (obsessive Twilight disorder). But I really don’t care because nothing people say or do will ever change the way i feel about Twilight. Before Twilight, I didn’t even imagine that it was possible to love something on such an extreme level. I’m not going to tell you about how I talk using Twilight quotes, or about my collection of Twilight merchandise, because none of those things shows that you’re the biggest fan, you have to love it more than your own life and be willing to give up everything you have for it. Please vote for me, because no one else walked into a pole because they were reading a Twilight magazine.

She says as part of her non stop monologue in the video that:

“Has anyone else called Twilight their reason for existence and meant it?  Well I do… I hope people realize that love doesn’t get stronger than this and that this is more than an obsession.  It’s a way of life.”

And I thought I had a problem with Michael Jordan as a kid.  Good luck to Anita in her quest to become the number one Twi-hard out there.  If you want to vote or comment on Anita’s video you can do that via Moviefone’s contest page here.

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